Biggest Film Festivals In The World Unite For Streaming Event

With many film festivals canceled around the world, they decided to band together and bring the content to YouTube!

Florida Man Loses Prosthetic Leg While Surfing, Teen Finds and Returns It

When a Flordia man lost his prosthetic leg while surfing, he never expected to see it again. Then a teen came to the rescue!

Once Homeless Teen Graduates College on Dean’s List

No matter the obstacles, this homeless teen was determined to graduate college - and she did, on the Dean's List!

Outstading Comedian Fred Willard Passes Away At 86

Fred Willard, one of Hollywood's most talented and beloved comedians, has passed away at the age of 86.

The Shockingly Modest Homes of Successful Celebrities

While most celebrities own mega-mansions, a select few, including Matthew McConaughey and Dolly Parton live in modest homes!

Strangers Reunite Family With Military Quilt Lost In Tornado

After a devastating tornado, Beulah Lockmiller though her husband's military quilt was gone for good...


Lazy Police Puppy Sleeps Through His Entire Swearing-In Ceremony

See little Brody, the adorable police puppy who went viral for falling asleep during his swear-in ceremony!

Teen Cashier Pays Struggling Senior’s Grocery Bill During Coronavirus

One lucky senior had an incredible teenager pay off his grocery bill during the coronavirus!

Legendary Actor Brian Dennehy Passes Away At 81

Hollywood legend Brian Dennehy passed away earlier this month, after starring in dozens of iconic movies and TV shows.


Celebrity Siblings You’ve Never Heard About

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Nicolas Cage Will Play ‘Tiger King’s’ Joe Exotic in New TV Show

Nicolas Cage will star as Joe Exotic in a new scripted Tiger King show, coming soon! Find out all the details here

Comic-Con 2020 Cancelled Events Due To Coronavirus Spread

Comic-Con, the world's largest pop culture events, is now officially canceled due to the coronavirus.


High School Teacher Creates Lawn Display For Her 2020 Seniors

See how one teacher honored her 2020 seniors amid the coronavirus and their canceled graduation...

Divers Find An Old Camera Lying On The Ocean Floor, Then They Saw The Pictures

When a diver found a camera lost at sea, he could not believe he saw a familiar face in the photos...

Couple Buys 120-Year-Old Mansion By Mistake – Then Decide To Restore It!

This young couple accidentally bought a 120-year-old mansion in Scotland. Instead of taking a loss, they've decided to restore it!


Divers Scouring The Atlantic Discovered A Shipwreck Lost In Time

In the Atlantic Ocean, these undersea divers discovered an ancient shipwreck - and the incredible cargo it contained!

Not-So-Royal Update: Meghan and Harry Drop “Royal” From Trademark Application

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry thought they could continue to use the word 'Royal' in their trademark. They were wrong...

Man Finds Old Buried Chain On Farm, Pulls Up Something Incredible

Mike Smith found an ancient buried chain in the ground. When he began pulling, he discovered a historical artifact...


Wild Behind-The-Scenes ‘Tiger King’ Facts To Fuel Your Obsession

Are you, like everyone else in the world, obsessed with Netflix's new true-crime documentary Tiger King? Well, feast on these wild behind-the-scenes facts!

Jane Fonda Joins TikTok And Recreates Her ’80s Workouts

The coronavirus has many joining social media, including Jane Fonda. On TikTok, she recreated her '80s workout routines!

Meet The 88-Year-Old Grandma Obsessed With The New Animal Crossing Video Game

A video game developer discovered that his 88-year-old grandma has been playing the video game Animal Crossing for over 3,500 hours!