A Swiss Cinema Installed Beds Instead Of Chairs Inside A Theater

A one-of-a-kind movie theater offers you a unique viewing experience: watching films on the silver screen...all while lying in beds!

‘The Joker’ Movie Breaks Box Office Records Amid Massive Backlash

'The Joker' movie smashed October box-office records, despite massive backlash from audiences and critics shortly before the movie debuted.

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Jogger Rescues Baby Deer After It Gets Stuck In A Fence – Twice!

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A First Look At AMC’s New ‘Walking Dead’ Spin-Off, ‘Monument’

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Police Chief Receives Call From Scam Artist – And Trolls Him Right Back

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After Sneaking Into Her Daughter’s Dorm Room, This Mother Truly Regretted It

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Police Officer Adopts Chihuahua Puppy That He Helped Rescue From A Locked Car

After rescuing a trapped chihuahua pup from inside a hot car, the police officer on the scene could not stop thinking about her...


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One Single Mom Was Facing Homelessness, So She Decided To Try And Build A Tiny House

Facing homelessness, Charlotte Sapwell, a single mom, needed to make a drastic change. So she decided to try and build a tiny home...

Pen Pals From Across The Ocean Meet For The First Time After 60 Years Of Writing To Each Other

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After Disappointing His Parents, This Son Spent 6 Years Working To Surprise Them

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Viking Beer Hall Built 1,100 Years Ago Discovered In Scotland

An important discovery was made recently - an elite Vikings drinking hall was dug up in northern Scotland, dating back over 1,000 years...

Your Vintage Disney Merchandise Could Be Worth A Lot Of Money

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This Explorer Found the Titanic – Can He Find Amelia Earhart’s Plane?

For years, many thought we'd never find Amelia Earhart's plane. Now, however, the man who found the Titanic is on the case!


Confirmed: A ‘Saved By the Bell’ Reboot Is In The Works

'Saved By the Bell,' the iconic 80's TV series, will be getting a reboot on NBC's new streaming platform, Peacock, in the near future....

Seriously Uncool Things That All Baby Boomers Still Love

Every generation leaves their mark, but that's not always good! Here are some of the worst things that baby boomers still think are cool...

A Mini Sub Uncovered A Mysterious Object From Lake Ontario

While exploring Lake Ontario in their mini-sub, a diving team discovered a mysterious object once thought lost to time...