Danielle Fishel, Melissa Joan Hart, Rider Strong And More to Appear at ‘90s Con

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‘90s Con
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Ready for the real 411? As hard as it is to believe, the 90s ended nearly 30 years ago. So, what else can we do but have a convention dedicated to one of the most beloved decades ever? Stars from shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Boy Meets World, Even Stevens, and more are set to headline the first-ever ’90s Con, presented by That’s 4Entertainment.

Join The ‘90s Con

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Do you love the ’90s, specifically ’90s television? Then you need to make it to the first-ever ’90s Con. The complete casts of three of the biggest ’90s sitcoms ever, Boy Meets World, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Family Matters, will appear at the convention. That’s right! From Boy Meets World, Danielle Fishel (Topanga Lawrence), Will Friedle (Eric Matthews), Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter), and more will relive the glory days of family television.

Meanwhile, Sabrina the Teenage Witch‘s cast will also reunite on stage for fans! Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina Spellman), Caroline Rhea (Hilda Spellman), Beth Broderick (Zelda Spellman), Nate Richert (Harvey Kinkle), and Jenna Leigh Green (Libby Chessler) will all discuss the show during a panel. The cast of Family Matters will also appear, bringing excitement to many fans. And that’s just the beginning! Others ’90s stars who will appear include Casper actress Christina Ricci, Scream star Neve Campbell and Lacey Chabert of Party of Five.

Who could host an event like this? Well, the one and only Christy Carlson Romano! After all, she not only appeared in Even Stevens, but Kim Possible as well! Of course, guest stars are just one part of ’90s Con. The events, experience, and panels will also delight fans of the ’90s!

Gateway For Teenagers

‘90s Con
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What else is in stock for ’90s fans? There are going to be panels, photo ops, cosplay contests and displays, a ’90s trivia game, and even a slime machine. That’s right! Plus, fans can also see a replica of the orange couch from Friends and a walk-through exhibit displaying costumes worn by the Spice Girls at various concerts.

“For us, the ’90s was an era of positivity, girl power, fun, and it was an era where human connection still was treasured over the new trends of social media and virtual communication,” That’s 4E Entertainment, the organizers behind the convention, said in a statement. “As young teens in the ’90s, the artists and entertainment industry provided a gateway for us to grow up alongside these characters who were sending positive messages about friendship, family values, fashion, and body image, setting a blueprint for the millennium.”

That’s 4E Entertainment also hopes to show the younger generation one of the most important lessons of the ’90s: being yourself. “For example, the Spice Girls, alongside other female groups like TLC, showed that you could have different personalities, style, background and still come together to form something amazing,” the statement continued. “It showed that you didn’t have to conform to any social norm to be yourself and be successful. We truly know who we are today because of the influences through TV shows, movies and music and artists of the ’90s.”

Are you interested in ’90s Con? The three-day event will take place from March 11-13, 2022, in Hartford, Connecticut.

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