Andy Samberg Got Emotional Filming Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season

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Andy Samberg Got Emotional Filming Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season - 0
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has come to its end. Of course, the rest of the cast feels understandably sad, especially lead Andy Samberg. Recently, he opened up about the emotional roller coaster of filming the last season…

Andy Samberg Tells All

Andy Samberg Got Emotional Filming Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season - 1
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After eight seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the cop comedy series, will come to an end. One of the best shows on television, with one of the best casts, the sitcom will surely be missed. Recently actor Andy Samberg, the show’s lead, opened up about the show’s ending on Late Night with Seth Meyers. “As it got towards the end, it got really emotionally rough,” he explained. “Because we all realized it was truly ending and we all love each other and [loved] spending all that time together for eight years.” Samberg added that the actors actually cried on set, even during funny moments like his co-star Terry Crews declaring his love for yogurt.

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine was canceled in 2018, after five seasons, fan fervor brought it back. “When it got canceled, it was sort of part of the press train about something else, like, ‘Hey, fans can save shows! Isn’t that interesting?'” he wondered. “And then we were the example that was getting news so much. So it was kind of, like, culturally a little moment.” Now, sadly, the show is gone for good…

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Lives Forever

Andy Samberg Got Emotional Filming Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Final Season - 2

Like Samberg, Crews also felt quite emotional as the Brooklyn Nine-Nine universe came to an end. He says he’ll not only miss his co-stars, but the characters as well. “Your body and brain don’t know the difference, and that is really deep. You’re talking about 153 episodes and almost nine years,” Crews explained. “I’ve never played a character longer in my life. I was like, ‘Terry Jeffords is real!’ And you honor each and every one of those characters, because they still live and they’ll never die.”

“What’s so wonderful is that in five years, it’ll be more popular than it is now, that’s what is going to be brilliant,” Crews continued. “I can’t wait.” So why is Brooklyn Nine-Nine ending after all these years? Well, not only do the writers and showrunners feel the time has come, but coronavirus has made costs to produce the show skyrocket.

“I mean, it was hard shooting, A) because the COVID protocols are so strict,” Andy Samberg explained. “You know, there’s no writer on set. There’s not people throwing out a lot of ideas. It’s a lot of, ‘Masks on!’ and then, ‘Action!’ — take them off, and then you put them back on.”

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