Ariana Grande Named Billboard’s Woman Of The Year And Earns #1 Single In One Week

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Ariana Grande
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2018 was, without a doubt, Ariana Grande’s year. Between releasing a hit album and earning her first number one single, the pop singer’s engagement became a viral sensation. Then, Billboard named her Woman of the Year! Here’s a breakdown of Ariana’s grande year, with all the ups and downs.

Billboard’s Women of the Year

Ariana Grande

Earlier this month, Billboard announced they’d be honoring Ariana Grande with the title of Woman of the Year. And boy, does she deserve it! Billboard awards the title to a different female artist, and previous winners include Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Not bad company at all! Grande will officially receive the award on December 6th, during the annual Women in Music event in New York.

Ross Scarano, Vice President of Content for Billboard, said about the choice, “[Grande] consistently stands up for herself and her decisions in a world that often isn’t hospitable to that sort of strength in young women.” Grande felt she was “honored” – but this title did not slow her down from creating and debuting new music.

Grande’s First #1 Debut On Billboard

Ariana Grande

Three days before Billboard’s announcement, with no knowledge of it, Ari released her latest song, “Thank U, Next.” It debuted #1 on the American Billboard – a first for the 25-year-old singer in her seven-year career. In the song, Grande thanks her past boyfriends for everything they’d taught her, but she’s ready to move on. The song, in hours, became an anthem for letting go of the past and celebrating yourself and your strengths.

This past August, Grande released Sweetener, her fourth album. The new single is the title track of her forthcoming follow-up to Sweetener, which is due out sometime next year. During its first week, “Thank U, Next” was downloaded over 81,000 times on iTunes, with an additional 55.5 million plays on AppleMusic. On Spotify, it broke records with 10 million listens in just 24-hours! On Billboard, the last female artist that had a song debut at #1 was Adele, with “Hello” back in 2015. Grande had 35 songs enter Billboard’s Hot 100, but “Thank U, Next” is the first to debut at #1.

Ariana Grande: A Voice Of Empowerment

Ariana Grande

Ariana also had quite the roller coaster of a year. As much as we were rooting for the young singer and her former-flame, stand-up comedian Pete Davidson, it didn’t work out. The couple called it quits at the end of October, breaking off their engagement. Grande also suffered another loss: her ex-boyfriend, R&B artist Mac Miller. Miller passed away in September due to substance abuse, which shook the singer’s life. Afterward, everything went downhill. People began blaming Grande for Miller’s passing and the break up with fiancee Pete. However, Ari came out stronger than ever, albeit the negative press and difficult times she was going through.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s strength and resilience became an inspiration to many. Time after time, the singer’s songs send a message of self-love and serenity, which is rare to find in the current music world. Her song “Breathin'” deals with anxiety, while “No Tears Left to Cry” reminds people that letting go can often be positive. And, as we mentioned, with “Thank U, Next” reminds us we’re all the boss of our own life, empowering women and men alike. Not only that but Grande also rarely uses auto-tune, letting her angelic voice hit the high notes all on its own. Without a doubt, Ariana Grande is one of pop music’s brightest, best stars.

Thank U, Ariana, and we wish you all the luck in the future!