The Greatest Basketball Movies Of All Time

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Best Basketball Movies
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March Madness is just around the corner, which means soon everyone will be watching basketball. To celebrate, we’ve put together some of the best basketball movies, ever. From Space Jam to Hoosiers let’s take a look at one of America’s favorite sport on the silver screen! Enjoy these slam dunk basketball movies!

Space Jam

The ’90s were Michael Jordan’s decade. Every 80’s and 90’s kid grew up watching this classic cult film, which combines animation with a real-life cast. However, with the likes of Bill Murray, even adults can enjoy it alongside their kids. What can be bad about it? Starring Michael Jordan and other NBA legends alongside Bugs Bunny and friends… some say it’s one of the best crossovers, ever.  The movie is fun and fresh, extremely self-aware and hilarious, and doesn’t take itself too seriously – which is why it’s just so, so good.

Hoop Dreams

When thinking of basketball movies, Hoop Dreams is a cornerstone film. However, its power transcends basketball movies. It’s also one of the greatest sports films and documentaries ever. Nominated for an Oscar, Hoop Dreams tells the simple tale of two young men’s journey through high school, training to become professional players. It’s raw, emotional, funny, and most importantly, real. It shows everything the players go through – challenges, injuries, downfalls, and successes. Some say it’s a perfect depiction of America and the American dream.

He Got Game

Recent Oscar winner Spike Lee‘s cult film is still a fan favorite, two decades after its initial release. Many consider it one of Lee’s best because it’s well made and also deals with subjects many Americans find sensitive. From father-son relationships, the dangers of competitive sports, and how hard it is to achieve dreams, He Got Game covers it all. Ray Allen, who portrays Jesus, the main character, and Denzel Washington (who plays his father) have incredible on-screen chemistry, which seals this as one of the best basketball movies, ever.

White Men Can’t Jump

The ’90s became a prime decade for basketball. In a decade where basketball players became legends, it’s no wonder so many incredible basketball movies came out during those years. White Men Can’t Jump, which tells a tale of pure love for basketball, is one of those films. With an incredible cast – Woody Harrelson, Kadeem Hardison, Rosie Perez, and even former NBA player Marques Johnson – the film pulls the audience into the world of street basketball. Soon, this bunch starts playing ball, and betting on games, just to survive. Through laughter and tears, we experience, alongside the characters, the real love for the game they have.


Some say Hoosiers is one of the greatest sports films of all time, far ahead of its time. This 1986 film tells the story of the classic American dream – but isn’t shy of showing all of the ups, downs and real-life challenges of it all. An entire small Indiana town is deeply invested in its high school basketball team, that wins against all odds. The battles on the floor are translated into the characters’ real-life issues, and with a stunning performance by a great cast, it sweeps audiences away time after time.

We hope you enjoy filling your days with the best basketball movies ever before March Madness!