Best ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Moments Ever To Celebrate The New Season

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Lip Sync Battle
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Just in time to ring in the new year, we’re blessed with a new Lip Sync Battle season. For those who don’t know it’s one of television’s most fun shows! Its sole purpose is to entertain and make you smile and laugh. The concept is simple: every episode, different celebrities perform head-to-head lip-sync routines. If the celeb is a singer, they can’t lip sync to their own song. It’s a competition, but we always forget it is because it’s so hilarious and light-hearted.

So, to celebrate the new season, we’ve picked our favorite moments from the show. Plus, you’ll get a peek at the upcoming season!

3rd Place: The Rock

Lip Sync Battle The Rock
Paramount Network

In third and honorable place, is none others than Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson. While many know the Rock for his tough-guy person, he also loves goofing off and having a good time. Furthermore, he loves competition, which means you know he’s bringing his best to his episodes of Lip Sync Battle!

In the series’ pilot episode, the Rock performed Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” and the crowd went wild. Seeing the 260 lbs, 6’2″ tall actor lip-sync to Tay’s sweet teenage anthem is so, so hilarious – he nailed every bit. And this was all before they added costumes to the show! The Rock went up against late night host Jimmy Fallon, who is known for loving these battles. While Fallon’s performance was great, The Rock won over the audience and the viewers.

2nd Place: Spider-Man Does Rihanna

Lip Sync Battle Tom Holland
Paramount Network

Our runner-up is Tom Holland’s (Spider-Man) performance. Holland went all-out for his routine: he lip-synced Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” danced his heart out, and his number included pyrotechnics, stage rain, and elaborate choreography. Holland went up against actress Zendaya, who performed Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic”, but really, had nothing on the British actor. It was one of the most memorable moment from Lip Sync Battle, ever – aside from our winner. Until then, no participant had ever put in so much effort into their performance. Watch it, and you’ll see why. Promise.

1st Place: The King Of Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle Channing Tatum
Paramount Network

Channing Tatum and now ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, went all out for their performances. They met on the set of Step Up, as they’re both former professional dancers. So the audience knew this one is going to be epic. Jenna poked fun at Tatum, performing with Ginuwine’s “Pony” – a song Tatum danced to in Magic Mike XXL. In return, Tatum lip-synced and scorched the stage with Beyoncé’s “Run The World (Girls),” transforming himself into the legendary singer. In the end, Beyoncé herself got up on stage and danced alongside Tatum! It was, without a doubt, one of the most epic routine endings in the show’s history.

By the way – on the same episode, Tatum lip-synced to “Let It Go” from Frozen and turned the stage to a magical snowy kingdom. He is, undoubtedly, the king of Lip Sync Battle.

New Season, New Celebs

Lip Sync Battle New Season
Paramount Network

Season five of Lip Sync Battle will air on January 17, on Paramount Network. Hosted by rapper LL Cool J and model Chrissy Teigen, the new season will feature new performances, iconic celebs, and a whole lot of fun.

At the beginning of every season everyone thinks the current one can’t top the previous one… and yet, every season, we are proven wrong. Recently, the show released a trailer for the new season, and we caught a glimpse of some huge names who will be participating this year. To name a few: the incredible Serena Williams (who lip-syncs to a Beyoncé song), the iconic Mariah Carey, and, surprisingly, Big Bird and other friends from Sesame Street. You can watch the new trailer below or over on Youtube!