The Most Iconic Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

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Super Bowl Commercials Pepsi

Another year, another Super Bowl in the books! Last night, the Super Bowl aired and, along with it, some of the best commercials we see all year. Advertisers pay millions for a minute or less of the most prestige airtime in all of American television. Companies step up their game, sign megastars, and come up with the most brilliant ads for the big game. So let’s take a look back at some of the most iconic Super Bowl commercials of all time! Did your favorite make the list? Read on to find out…

1984 – Apple Introduces Macintosh To The World

Super Bowl Commercials Apple

It’s hard to believe Macintosh started just 35 years ago! At this point, every new Apple product and announcement seems like old news. But it wasn’t always this way! While the company usually stays away from Super Bowl commercials, it’s 1984 ad looks more like a film than television advertisement. With dramatic voiceover and matching images, Apple caught everyone’s attention. The best part is caption at the end: “You’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984.”

1993 – Michael Jordan and Larry Bird Fight Over A Big Mac

Super Bowl Commercials McDonald's

After the 1993 Super Bowl, this commercial enjoyed a long life, airing around the world with millions “lovin’ it.” Even today’s Super Bowl commercials have nothing on this McDonald’s ad. First and foremost, it features mega star power – Michael Jordan was the hottest name in the ’90s, and Larry Bird was huge, as well. The two basketballers teamed up for a commercial with a great premise: they competed over a McDonalds’ meal. With a ton of charisma, humor, and self-awareness, this Super Bowl ad is flawless (including the early 90’s graphics)!

2008 – E-Trade’s Talking Baby

Super Bowl Commercials E-Trade

Eight years into the new millennium, E-Trade’s Super Bowl commercial really captured the spirit of the age. YouTube videos began going viral (remember “Charlie Bit My Finger”?) and people became obsessed with short homemade videos anyone could upload. This famous ad featured a blabbering baby overdubbed by an older man talking. “Don’t worry about it, ya know, I just look young, you don’t know how old I am, and B, I use E-Trade.” And the words almost perfectly sync up with the baby’s mouth!

Audiences loved a home-movie looking commercial covering a rather heavy topic: electronic stock trading. It went on to appear six more times during the next Super Bowls!

2010 – Snickers Featuring Betty White

Super Bowl Commercials Snickers

Now, everyone knows Snickers’ newest slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry.” However, before the 2010 Super Bowl, no one did! Then-89-year-old Betty White – star and Hollywood icon – teamed up with the chocolate bar for the now iconic commercial. White played football along with real footballers, tackling and insulting each other; but White got tired. Understandable for an 89-year-old! Only after she ate a Snickers bar, she returned to herself – a “real” football player.

Not only did audiences love the commercial, but it also brought them back to Snickers. The ad is credited with 15.9% bump in worldwide sales for the candy bar!

2019 – Is Pepsi Okay?

Laurel or Yanny? Soft shell tacos or hard shell tacos? Coke or Pepsi? These some of the most important questions of the modern age. However, after last night’s Super Bowl commercials, there may be a clear answer for one of these questions. Pepsi is no stranger to great Super Bowl commercials, but last night they topped themselves. In fact, some are already calling it the best advertisement of the night. The ad features audience favorite Steve Carell, from the hit-sitcom The Office, along with hip-hop stars Cardi B and Lil Jon. Check out the commercial above, or over on Youtube, and decide for yourself: is Pepsi just okay?