Best Thanksgiving Episodes To Stream This Holiday

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Best Thanksgiving Episodes Streaming
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Between dinner, football, and, course, friends and family, it can be hard to watch an entire Thanksgiving movie. Instead, think about sneaking in one of these great Thanksgiving episodes while you wait for the turkey or pumpkin pie. Best of all, they’re all streamable, making it easier than ever to get into the holiday mood!

Friends – “The One With All The Thanksgivings”

Season 5, Episode 9 | Streaming On Netflix

Almost every Friends season included a Thanksgiving-themed special, and all of them are fantastic. However, “The One With All The Thanksgivings,” also features an iconic pop culture moment. In the episode, all the friends get together and share their most embarrassing holiday stories. While most are funny and entertaining, one sticks out amongst the rest: the story in which Joey (and Monica) have their heads stuck up a turkey’s butt. There’s something very, very funny about a turkey with sunglasses on…

The Office – “WUPHF.Com”

Season 7, Episode 9 | Streaming On Netflix
The Office

We cannot have a best Thanksgiving episodes list without The Office. The series gave us so many laughs, and the Thanksgiving-themed “WUPHF.Com” is no exception! In it, Dwight tries to save the day by putting together a festival in the spirit of the season in the Dunder Mifflin’s parking lot. As so often is the case on The Office, things do not go as planned. Meanwhile, fans received one of the best episodes of season 7!

Gossip Girl – “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!”

Season 1, Episode 9 | Streaming On Netflix
Best Thanksgiving Episodes Streaming
The CW

Gossip Girl had everyone glued to their screens back in the first decade of the 21st century. Blair Waldorf was the girl we all loved to hate, with the show following her and all of her Upper East Side rich friends’ absurdly dramatic lives. But even Blair has her weaknesses – and it’s in the shape of her absent’s dad pumpkin pie. Every season included a drama-packed Thanksgiving special, but “Blair Waldorf Must Pie!,” the first, set the gold standard.

This Is Us – “Pilgrim Rick”

Season 1, Episode 8 | Streaming On and Hulu
Pilgrim Rick

The award-winning show This Is Us has brought us some of the most graceful Thanksgiving episodes ever. However, “Pilgrim Rick,” an excellent episode that centers around a Rebecca flashback,” takes the cake. In it, tragedy occurs as Rebecca, Jack, and the kids are making their way to Thanksgiving dinner. As a result, they must start their own holiday traditions, something not easy for any family. Meanwhile, in the present, Randall learns the harsh truth about Rebecca’s and his birth father’s past. Definitely check this episode out if you’re looking for something a little more delicate this Turkey Day…

South Park – “A History Channel Thanksgiving”

Season 15, Episode 13 | Streaming On Hulu
Best Thanksgiving Episodes Streaming
Comedy Central

Finally, to close out this list of the best streamable Thanksgiving episodes, we present South Park‘s iconic “A History Channel Thanksgiving.” In the episode, our favorite foul-mouthed, cartoon, fourth-graders watch the History Channel and accidentally discover the “real truth” behind the holiday: it was aliens who attended the 1621 harvest feast. Be sure to catch this one on the fourth Thursday of November – it will get you hollering with laughter!

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