Grab Some Chocolate! The Best Valentine’s Day Episodes To Watch This Year

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Best Valentine's Day Episodes

It’s February which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! It’s a great time to snuggle up with your loved one and revisit some of your favorite Valentine’s Day episodes. Or better yet, watch them by yourself! That means you get all the chocolate and don’t have to get your streaming selections approved by someone else. To help you pick, we’ve gathered our favorite Valentine’s Day episodes ever!

Modern Family – “My Funky Valentine”

Best Valentine's Day Episodes Modern Family

Season 1, Episode 1

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Like most episodes of Modern Family, you know something’s going to go hilariously wrong here – but it still gets you, every single time. We can’t get enough of Phil and Claire’s hilarious-yet-heartfelt relationship.

In this Valentine’s Day episode, Claire decides to try and seduce Phil in order to spice up their love life. Her idea? To wear nothing underneath her coat for their romantic date. However, her coat becomes caught in the escalator…and the situation just gets more and more hysterical.

The Simpsons – “I Love Lisa”

Best Valentine's Day Episodes The Simpsons

Season 4, Episode 15

Streaming On: FXX

Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons is an iconic female character, who pushes boundaries and stomps on society’s rules. She’s a strong, independent girl, who knows what she wants – but has a huge heart, too. “I Love Lisa” portrays this and is a great Valentine’s Day episode to boot!

When Lisa gives a Valentine’s Day card to Ralph Wiggum, because she sees no one else gave him one, Ralph falls in love with Lisa and pursues her non-stop. Eventually, Lisa tells him the truth – but broken-hearted Ralph takes consolation in the school play, in his role as George Washington. This immortal episode teaches us it’s completely fine to be single on Valentine’s Day!

Mad Men – “A Day’s Work”

Best Valentine's Day Episodes Mad Men

Season 7, Episode 2

Streaming On: Netflix

Speaking of incredible female characters – on the same list as Lisa there is also Peggy Brown (Elisabeth Moss, June from The Handmaid’s Tale) from Mad Men. Peggy, unlike other female characters on the show – wants to succeed, big time. She wants to be her own boss, equal to Don (Jon Hamm) and the rest of the men.

In this episode, Peggy receives flowers from an anonymous lover, after Stan and Michael tease that she never goes on any dates. Peggy is flattered by the flowers – but finds out Shirley is behind the scheme. This leads to some pretty thematic questions: can a woman be equal to her male co-worker? Is she a real “woman” if she doesn’t receive flowers on Valentine’s Day? Not many Valentine’s Day episodes can make you think this much, but hey, that’s Mad Men!

The Office – “Valentine’s Day”

Best Valentine's Day Episodes

Season 2, Episode 16

Streaming On: Netflix

The most over-the-top, romantic, hilarious TV lover has to be Michael Scott from hit-sitcom The Office. And, well, he’s got… interesting ways of showing his affection. Michael goes to the Dunder Mifflin headquarters in New York, where he proceeds to embarrass Jan, his superior (and one-time lover), over and over again. When he “lets slip” that they hooked up to the CFO, Jan is sure her career is over. However, as always, Michael finds a creative way to save the day.

Meanwhile, back in the office, a lot is happening – Kelly asks Ryan out. This is also before Pam and Jim, while Pam is still with Roy. And let’s just say, she doesn’t love his Valentine’s Day present. Oh, but hang in there Pam – we know who you’ll eventually marry…

Friends – “The One With The Candy Hearts”

Best Valentine's Day Episodes Friends

Season 1, Episode 15

Streaming On: Netflix

Friends almost has too many Valentine’s Day episodes to choose from. In “The One With The Candy Hearts” Chandler Bing, perfectly portrayed by Matthew Perry, is set up on a blind date. Unfortunately, it is with his incredibly annoying, yet incredibly funny, ex-girlfriend, Janice. The date continues to get worse from there: they get drunk and end up spending the night together. The next morning, Janice presents Chandler with candy hearts reading “Chan and Jan 4ever.”

The episode is so special because it is the first real peak at Chandler and Janice’s relationship, as it took place before the show began. After this appearance, Janice quickly became a fan favorite, appearing in 16 more episodes (with at least one in every season) through the remainder of Friends.