Most Entertaining YouTube Channels You Need To Check Out Right Now

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Best YouTube Channels
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It’s undeniable: today, most people consume their news and entertainment online. And when people are looking for content, they often turn to YouTube. Over the past decade, the website has become one of the biggest on the net. Now, users upload over 400 videos to YouTube every minute! With so much content, it’s hard to find the best creators. So, here are some of the best and most entertaining channels you need to check out…

Most Entertaining YouTube Food Channels

Upcoming cooks and chefs absolutely love YouTube. After all, it’s the best, fastest way to share your recipes, your techniques, and your personality! One of the best, most entertaining food channels on YouTube is Healthy JunkFood (yes, you’ve read that correctly). JP and Julia are a couple living in Florida, and they love food and cooking, especially cooking junk food. They’ve got over 2 million subscribers, and they love taking a much-beloved snack or candy bar, like Snickers, and making it giant-sized. They share all of their recipes online, hold competitions, and are extremely fun! Plus, you learn a thing or two!

Another key player in the food community on YouTube is Andrew Rea, aka Binging with Babish. Rea combines his love for movies and cooking and releases a new video every week, where he attempts to recreate different dishes from movies and TV shows. He’s earned over 5 million subscribers by recreating foods from Seinfeld, Spongebob Squarepants, Bob’s Burgers, and many more.

News And Commentary Channels

Everyone knows the comment section below a YouTube video is a dangerous place. People often lash out, bully, and put down others. However, in Philip DeFranco‘s videos, it seems everyone comes together. Philip has a current events channel, where he presents YouTube and world news, five times a week. While Phil always offers his own opinion, he also gives some time to counter-arguments. His unbiased approach has earned him over 6.4 million subscribers in his 13 years on YouTube. Now, many trust him as their primary weekly news source!

Of course, there are other channels as well. Although they’ve only produced videos for a little over six years, the H3H3 channel already has 6.5 million subscribers! Run by Ethan and Hila Klein, the couple upload videos with commentary about other YouTube creators, videos, and news of the world in a funny, but sharp, way. They never give anyone a free pass and never go into politics. What more could you ask for?

Best Entertainment Channels

You’ve probably heard of the name Jenna Marbles before. Marbles (her real last name is Murray) is arguably the most famous “vlogger” (a video blogger) on YouTube. For the past nine years, she’s released a video every week, earning nearly 20 million subscribers in the process. If you’ve never tuned in, Marbles is a 33-year-old lady who does whatever she wants, and her audience always feels up for it. For instance: she once used paint to camouflage herself into a chair, figured out who many balloons it would take to lift her dog up in the air, and much more.

Another amazing creator is Cristine from SimplyNailogical. What started out to be a nail polish tutorial channel turned into Cristine’s personal playground with over 7 million subscribers! Now, she no longer focuses on simple nail videos. Recently, Christine’s started exploring the wide, weird world of nails. She’s put 100 coats of nail polish on at once, revealed how long polish really lasts for without upkeep, and much more. Christine has also used the channel to raise money and even give out scholarships to pay for fan’s college tuition! SimplyNailogical is suitable for both men and women – the nail polish, at this point, isn’t relevant; Cristine is simply hilarious.

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