Original ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Cast Appears In New Reboot Trailer

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90210 Cast Old Reboot
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In case you didn’t know: Fox is bringing back Beverly Hills 90210 for another reboot! Now, a teaser has finally dropped, featuring the original cast and some great inside jokes. Read on to discover everything you need to know about BH90210, the biggest television reboot of the year…

90210 Cast Are Back

Our favorite ’90s sweethearts are returning… and there’s a release date! Last week, Fox dropped the trailer 902010 fans have been anticipating for years: the BH90210 teaser, aka the trailer for the reboot of Beverly Hills 90210.

The teaser gives fans a great idea of how BH90210 differentiates itself from the original. While you may remember Beverly Hills, 90210 as a primetime soap opera, the reboot seems much funnier and self-aware. The teaser begins with the 90210 characters, as dolls, sitting at the Peach Pit, gossiping and talking. It looks like a Toy Story version of the classic ’90s show! Then, the trailer reveals that the voices of the dolls are really just the original actors, in their current age, playing with the dolls. Finally, star Ian Ziering steps in and suggests – “We should do this for real. What do you think?”

The camera then zooms out, and we see the actual, original cast of 90210 agreeing unanimously. And then, we see a release date – August 7, 2019. Fox also released some promotional footage of the cast with the first episode script! However, if you’re expecting just another television reboot, adjust your expectations. BH90210 sounds like it will be quite different…

What Will The New 90210 Be Like?

90210 Cast Old Reboot
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Believe it or not, this is not the first reboot of Beverly Hills 90210. The first, simply titled 90210, debuted in 2008 and ran for five years and focused on a completely new, younger cast. However, this time, the reboot idea didn’t come from FOX, but rather star Tori Spelling. “She ran with it, literally put the entire cast together, put a fabulous pitch together with all of them and took it out, and everybody wanted it,” said CBS president David Stapf.

Just like the teaser suggests, much of the original cast will return on the reboot! Shannen Doherty, Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, and Gabrielle Carteris have all signed on. Reports also state other stars from the original, like Brian Austin Green, may return as well. So, what makes this reboot different?

According to Fox, the stars will portray “heightened versions of themselves in a brand-new serialized drama – with a healthy dose of irreverence – that is inspired by their real lives and relationships.” Meaning: the cast will portray themselves. The plot revolves around this group of actors who try to recreate their ’90s hit television show, named 90210. It’s a mockumentary, like a Hollywood version of The Office. Along the way, they re-meet friends and old loves after two decades apart. As you can imagine, drama will ensue.

Honoring Luke Perry

90210 Cast Old Reboot
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Beverly Hills 90210 aired in 1990 for ten seasons and ended in 2000. Luke Perry, who passed away this past March, starred as an original cast member; he played Dylan the heartthrob. His death shocked many, especially his former castmates. Ultimately, Perry decided against joining the reboot before his death. However, according to Spelling, he wanted to “stay involved” with production, while filming CW’s hit show Riverdale, on which Perry had a lead role. Stapf said the show wants to honor Perry, as well as his immortal character and will do everything they can to do so.

BH90210 will air on Fox (and maybe on Hulu, as Fox streams some of their hit shows on the streaming site) on August 7.