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Bob Saget Dead
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Actor, director, and stand-up comedian Bob Saget, probably best known as one of the stars of the hit sitcom Full House, was found dead in his hotel at the age of 65. Rest in peace.

Bob Saget – A Unique Hollywood Star

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The Orange Country Sheriff’s Office, from Orange, Florida, confirmed Bob Saget’s passing earlier this week. According to a statement, they found him after responding to a call at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes. “Detectives have found no signs of foul play or drug use in this case,” the sheriff’s office said. Medical examiners are looking into the cause of death right now. Saget was in Florida on his “I Don’t Do Negative” tour, which would have included an Orlando show this upcoming Friday. Earlier this year, he tweeted that the performances were a mix of “an all new show of stand-up and music.”

While most know Saget as the loving dad on Full House, he had another side. While he could play the wholesome father part in prime time, he also maintained a darker side in his stand-up. In case you don’t know, his hysterical comedy explored the darker side of life while also using plenty of foul language. Saget also gained fame for playing himself in a variety of shows and movies, as well as maintaining many relationships with all different Hollywood types. As such, many tributes and memorials poured out after his passing, many from the biggest names in the game…

Genuinely Kind And Generous

Bob Saget Death

Saget’s good friend and fan, musician Johan Mayer, became one of the first to respond to his passing. “I love you, Bob, I will never forget you,” Mayer wrote. And he had much more to say. “I will visit you often in my memories, and I hope I get to see you in my dreams. I will tell my kids about you, I’m taking you with me forever.”

Meanwhile, one of Saget’s Full House co-stars, Candace Cameron Bure, took to Twitter to share her sadness. “I don’t know what to say. I have no words. Bob was one of the best humans beings I’ve ever known in my life. I loved him so much.”

Another member of the Full House cast, the iconic John Stamos, also reacted to the shocking news on Twitter. “I am in complete and utter shock. I will never ever have another friend like him,” Stamos tweeted. He continued: “I love you so much Bobby.” Of course, it was not just the Full House cast that hurt. One of the greatest stand-up comedians ever, Gilbert Gottfried, shared a selfie he took with Saget just a few weeks ago. “I just spoke with Bob a few days ago. We stayed on the phone as usual making each other laugh,” Gottfried captioned the photo. “RIP to friend, comedian & fellow Aristocrat Bob Saget.”

Rest in peace Bob Saget, thank you for all the laughs.

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