Christopher Meloni Returning As Elliot Stabler Role In New Show

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Christopher Meloni Elliot Stabler New Show

We have some incredible news for all you Law & Order: Special Victims’ Unit fans out there! Finally, after so many years, Christopher Meloni will reprise his role as Elliot Stabler in a new SVU spin-off. Even better, expect some crossover episodes! Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming show…

Welcome Back, Elliot Stabler

Christopher Meloni Elliot Stabler New Show

While many networks are suffering due to the coronavirus, NBC seems to be weathering the storm well. Earlier this year, it broke television records by renewing Law & Order: SVU for three more seasons. Then, the network brought back Saturday Night Live as SNL: At Home. Now, NBC has greenlit a 13-episode season of Dick Wolf’s newest crime drama, which stars Christopher Meloni as Elliot Stabler! Of course, after NBC announced the show, SVU fans around the world rejoiced. After all, Meloni’s character hasn’t been seen regularly on the show since 2011!

Apparently, the new show will feature Elliot Stabler leading an NYPD organized crime unit in the modern era. The series also marks one of the biggest television deals ever made by NBC…

The Massive Deal With NBC, And More Details

Christopher Meloni Elliot Stabler New Show

Wolf, the creator and showrunner of all Law & Order shows, signed a massive nine-figure deal with NBC-Universal in March that lasts for five years. This new Stabler show is just the first show of that deal, so expect much more L&O in the future! Rumors are hinting that Matt Olmstead, former Chicago P.D showrunner, is currently the front-runner for leader of the new SVU spin-off.

With the new crime drama taking place in New York, many fans are excited at the proposition of an Elliot Stabler-Olivia Benson reunion. As many will recall, Meloni player opposite Hargitay’s Benson for 12 seasons on L&O: SVU. During that time, the two shared incredible chemistry, which fueled the series even more than the grist crimes they investigated. Meloni left the show when season 12 ended and the character was written off, with Stabler suddenly retiring from the police. In reality, NBC and Meloni could not agree on a salary for the actor, so he left the show. However, it seems that all parties have now worked through their differences!

What Has Meloni Been Up To?

Christopher Meloni Filmography

After leaving SVU, Meloni went on to act in several successful projects, like the series Happy! on Syfy, Surviving Jack, a comedy, Underground, a critically acclaimed WGN show, and a chilling role in The Handmaid’s Tale. Meanwhile, over the last decade, Meloni kept in touch with Hargitay and the Wolf family; they even appeared together in an SVU special on NBC this past January.

Currently, it’s unknown when the series will air. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many TV and movies have been postponed or put on hold. NBC remains tight-lipped about further details, but gave out enough information to keep everyone excited at the prospect of finally seeing Elliot Stabler once again, after all these years.

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