Actor Danny Trejo Saves Child Trapped In Overturned Vehicle

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Danny Trejo Saves Baby
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Last week, famous movie star Danny Trejo found himself in the international spotlight, once again. However, this time, he did something far more significant than starring in a movie. Trejo saved an infant with special needs from an overturned car, after a horrible car crash. Here’s the incredible story…

Danny Trejo, A Real-Life Hero

Danny Trejo Saves Baby

Often, it’s easy to forget the Hollywood superstars are humans, just like all of us. However, sometimes, our on-screen favorites truly do become real-life superheroes. Now, we can add Danny Trejo to that list!

Usually, Trejo plays the on-screen villain or just an all-around shady guy. Over the years, he’s starred in plenty of hit films like Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Machete, Con Air, and many more. Last week, though, Trejo played a real-life hero and saved the day – by recusing a toddler trapped in a car.

“Use Your Superpowers!”

Danny Trejo Saves Baby
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In his home town of Los Angeles, Trejo was headed to a car shop to work on his vehicles, when he witnessed an awful two-car collision. One of the cars flipped upside down, and a woman and her child ended up trapped inside. Without thinking, Trejo rushed to help in any way he could.

At first, Trejo tried to crawl through the broken window and unstrap the child himself. Thankfully, by this point, others had started trying to help the actor. Along with another bystander, Monica Jackson, Trejo managed to get the toddler out. Later, Trejo said that the only thing that kept the child alive was “the seat belt.” Thankfully, while the actor could not get the child’s mother out safely, she was able to respond.

Believe it or not, the star did not star stop there. Afterward, Trejo noticed the child seemed to be going into shock. “I knew immediately this kid [had] special needs, and he started stiffening up, going into shock, so I kind of started talking about superpowers [with the child], and you have to use your superpowers. And so he flexed his superpowers and walked away from the wreck,” the movie star said. He helped the toddler relax, and made sure he remained calm until the firefighters and police showed up.

“Everything Good Is A Result Of Helping Someone Else”

Once first responders arrive, they lifted the wrecked car and successfully saved the woman inside. However, she had become badly injured in the collision, which made Trejo realize he needed to keep distracting the toddler, which he did. “I just kept talking about superpowers. Use your superpowers!” Trejo recalled.

The actor’s advice worked. The toddler remained brave all the way to the hospital, alongside the three others who were involved in the crash. Currently, they are all in stable condition and doing well, with their injuries classified as not “life-threatening.”

While Danny Trejo may seem like a hero to all of us, he does not think of himself that way. In an interview with CNN, the famous actor said, “Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. Everything.”