E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Returns – In A Commercial

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E.T. Commercial 2019
Universal Studios

Everyone’s favorite childhood alien, E.T., has made its first official reappearance since Universal released the original movie in 1982. However, this time, it’s in a commercial!

E.T.’s New Commercial

E.T. Commercial Xfinity
Comcast Cable Communications

In the era of remakes, reboots, and reimaginings, many thought that the return of E.T. would come in the form of a new movie or television show. Thankfully, instead, our favorite alien is appearing in a commercial for the cable company Xfinity, owned by Comcast. Comcast, which owns Universal Studios (and therefor the E.T. property), released the E.T. commercial earlier this month, during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Now, the ad has racked up over 11 million views on YouTube. Everyone loves the return of this beloved character!

The Modern E.T. And Elliot

In the commercial, E.T. returns to Earth to finally reunite with his human buddy the movie, Elliot, as an adult. In fact, Elliot is portrayed by the same actor from the film, Henry Thomas. It’s very heartwarming seeing the two together again, especially as it’s been 37 years since the original debuted.

The full commercial comes in at over four-minutes long, which means you’ll likely only see shorter cuts on television. In the full version, we see E.T. hanging out with Elliott’s family – who teach him how to use the Comcast’s Xfinity internet, use their remote to pick movies, and much more. In return, E.T. makes Elliott’s children fly on the bikes – a tribute to one of the original film’s most iconic scenes.

Thomas said about the ad, “The audience is going to get everything they want out of a sequel without the messy bits that could destroy the beauty of the original and the special place it has in people’s minds and hearts.”

A Generation Raised On E.T. 

E.T. Commercial 2019
Universal Studios

One might think that children born post-2000 might not feel as connected to E.T. as ’80s and ’90s kids, the generation that grew up on Steven Spielberg‘s extraterrestrial film. But, believe it or not, the film continually tops Hulu’s most-streamed list!

Getting permission from Spielberg wasn’t simple. However, it happened! Due to non-discloser agreements, it’s unlikely we will ever see the full deal. Though, one can almost guarantee that the director earned a rather large cut from the commercial. Previously, E.T. producers were cautious when it came to marketing the franchise; for instance, it was released on videocassette only three years after it showed in theaters.

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