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Heartbreaking Television Deaths Audiences Are Still Not Over

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Some television moments, like weddings or childbirths, can become iconic. However, TV deaths are often the most impactful. The characters remain in our hearts long after they leave the series or the show ends. Sometimes, we don’t even remember much of the show, but the TV deaths stay with us for a long time. Here’s a list of TV character deaths we’re definitely still not over.

Spoilers ahead to those not caught up yet with the latest episodes of the shows!

Jack Pearson – This Is Us (Season 3)

TV Deaths This Is Us

This Is Us is tear-jerking in every regular episode, but learning about Jack’s death was even more heartbreaking. Surprisingly, audiences liked the episode where we discover what happened to him! Of course, they didn’t want the character to die, but they appreciated how showrunners handled it. It was a real “TV event” in February 2018, much like a significant death on The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones. But more on those later…

Some did accuse creators of manipulating the audience through cliff-hangers and “dragging” Jack’s death over numerous episodes (and seasons).

Dan Conner – Roseanne (Season 8/9)

TV Deaths Rosanne

Dan’s death on Roseanne made people angry…and for a good reason. It was one of those episodes where everything seems fine, at first. However, then writers reveal that it’s all a dream!

It always looked too good to be true: Dan recovering from his heart attack, the family winning millions in the lottery. Unfortunately, it was too good. We snap out of this fantasy to find out Dan really did die at Darlene’s wedding from that heart attack at the end of season 8. Roseanne created the entire fantasy within her grieving mind. Devastating, and disappointing, to say the least.

Adriana La Cerva – The Sopranos (Season 6)

TV Deaths Sopranos

The Sopranos is easily one of the best TV shows to ever air on television. With its iconic characters whom you love to hate and fantastic writing, it is still beloved today. In fact, a prequel film is coming soon! So the day we lost Adriana La Cerva was a tragic one, indeed. Adriana was a character the audience could relate to and cheer on – she was working with the FBI, trying to take down the mafia. Including the Soprano family!

So, to say the least, fans hated watching as Silvio drove Adriana to her death. However, they always knew that anyone on The Sopranos could die at any time. That’s what happens when you mess with the mob! While heartbreaking, Adriana’s death created instant drama, reeling viewers in more.

Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead (Season 7)

TV Deaths Walking Dead

Glenn Rhee was a man we all loved and cheered for on The Walking Dead. Fans adored his love for Maggie and close bond to his father, Hershel. And his desire to protect his family at all costs that made him a beacon of hope on a dark show. At the end of season 6, it seemed like Glenn would die, but did not. Audiences erupted with anger, accusing the creators of “playing with their hearts.”

But then, in season 7, Glenn really did die, killed by Negan. Some fans felt like the show lost its way, creating these heartbreaking TV deaths for the sake of ratings and not to stay true to the plot. However, fans are still eagerly anticipating the newest season of The Walking Dead.

Hodor – Game of Thrones (Season 6)

TV Deaths Game of Thrones

In season 6 of Game of Thrones, we lost an incredible character. Despite only speaking one word, fans loved Hodor more than some major characters! Touchingly, Hodor died while saving Bran and Meera (holding the door against the White Walkers). However, the most devastating part is that we discover his name is made from the words “Hold the door.” Meaning that Hodor’s name stems from the reason of his death, which he saw in a vision when younger.

Fans were so devastated, they even started a petition to bring Hodor back on the show. Another petition called President Obama to change all of the “Hold the door” elevator buttons in the White House to Hodor’s face. A tragic and iconic TV death, by all means. Game of Thrones will return in April, along with more tragic TV deaths, we’re sure.