‘Frozen II’ Crushes November Box Office Records

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Frozen II Box Office Record
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Fans simply cannot “Let It Go:” Frozen II, the sequel to the beloved ice princess movie, debuted on November 21. Within a short time, it managed to smash previously held November box office record. Read on to see why Frozen II will go down in history…

Frozen II: The Success Continues

November 2019 Box Office
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It’s here, and here to stay: Frozen II continues heating up the box offices worldwide! Just as parents across the globe finally managed to get “Let It Go” out of their heads, a sequel debuted. Sorry parents, we’re in it for the long run!

Still, it seems like nothing could stop the animated film’s domination. To start things off, Frozen II earned the best November’s box office opening of all time, grossing $130 million on the weekend before Thanksgiving. During the post-Thanksgiving weekend, the film made a whopping $236 million in the U.S. and over $464.5 million worldwide! And, believe it or not, the numbers just keep rising!

In case you’re wondering, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the second installment in the Hunger Games franchisepreviously held the November box office record. Believe it or not, in its first weekend, it actually made more than Frozen II ($158 million to Frozen II’s $130 million). However, when comparing Thanksgiving weekend numbers, Frozen II blows Catching Fire out of the water. And with the first Frozen earned $1.276 billion worldwide, expect to continue to see its sequel’s take continue to rise.

Frozen‘s Incredible Success

While the first Frozen grossed a smidge $1.3 billion worldwide in 2013, the real money came from, as it so often does, from an ever-expanding merchandise line. Today, parents can buy nearly any household item with Elsa or Anna’s face on it. So, when Disney announced the sequel, many kids (and even some parents) started counting down the days!

Critics and experts also point to Frozen’s modern tone as a reason for its continued success. After all, its one of the only Disney film to feature two strong lead female characters, instead of just one (or none). Sure, everyone agreed that there were some plotholes and that the songs left little to be desired. Still, it felt like a breath of fresh air amid remake after remake.

However, there’s still a chance Frozen II could underperform. At least, compared to the original. The sequel, unlike the original, has some steep holiday competition. Ford v Ferrari, starring Christian Bale and Matt Damon, debuted n November 15, and grossed over $119 million so far; whispers say it’s an Oscars’ shoo-in. Meanwhile, Knives Out (November 28) and Queen & Slim (November 27) are also expected to do well in the box office – but can anyone compete with Elsa and Olaf?

“You’re Gonna Have A Great Cake”

Frozen II Box Office
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Actress Kristen Bell, who voices Anna, managed to sum up Frozen II‘s success in a single sentence when asked whether she felt nervous about making a sequel. “Absolutely not. If you bake a cake and it’s perfect, and then you bake a second one with the same ingredients, statistics will tell you that you’re gonna have a great cake,” Bell told Entertainment Weekly.

If you haven’t seen it yet, Frozen II plotline follows the events of the first movie. Our beloved characters – Elsa (Idina Menzel), Anna, and Olaf – leave the kingdom Arendelle to discover the enchanted land from which Elsa’s magical ice powers came from. We won’t spoil anymore, but with the box office numbers and solid reviews, Frozen II seems like a great pick for a weekend theater trip!

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