It’s Official: ‘Game of Thrones’ Last Season Will Air April 2019

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Game of Thrones

Brace yourself: the end of Game of Thrones is coming.

Thankfully, HBO’s beloved epic fantasy drama will not end for another six months. We finally know when to expect the eighth and final season of everyone’s favorite show. Here is everything else we know about Game of Thrones‘ last season!

And beware, Game of Thrones spoilers beyond this point.


Game of Thrones Last Season
Game of Thrones/Twitter

Last week, HBO finally dropped a short teaser trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones. Only, it wasn’t much of a teaser, or even a sneak peek. There were no new shots of the upcoming season, or behind the scenes footage. HBO put together a short compilation of many iconic scenes, deaths, conflicts, wars, and characters. Sort of a build-up, a reminder for us. You can watch it here.

The end of the video reveals when the eighth season of GoT will air: 2019. The exact date is unknown. All of the previous seasons aired in April or early March, except the seventh season, which aired in July of 2017. Loyal fans will be waiting for nearly two years (!) between seasons. Despite the long wait, fans’ are anticipating the final season just as much, if not more, than previous seasons. It did, after all, take 55 days to shoot a single scene for the final season…

HBO also released photos of several iconic moments from the show on Twitter, including Joffrey’s poisoning, Jon Snow’s resurrection, and Khalisee’s rebirth as Mother of Dragons. Each photo was branded with the hashtag #ForTheThrone, along with a fitting caption. They’re all well made – check them out here!

Game of Thrones Final Season
Game of Thrones/Twitter

Extending the Game of Thrones Universe

Game of Thrones April 2019

Unfortunately, we don’t know the plot line for season eight. However, the video HBO uploaded shows it all comes down to the final war against the White Walkers.

We’re already sad knowing there’s only one more season coming up. But in a world of reboots and spin-offs, there’s no need to fear: HBO is already working on “multiple” Game of Thrones spin-offs. Like the Walking Dead universe, producers are hard at work creating new TV shows set in the GoT world, and HBO already ordered a pilot for at least one prequel series. This new show revolves around the same fantastic locations we know – Westeros, the Wall, Winterfell – but will take place thousands of years before the events we watched on screen, leading directly into them. HBO cast Naomi Watts (King Kong, The Divergent series) in a lead role, as well as Josh Whitehouse (Poldark).

“Who’s Left?”

Game of Thrones

If there’s only one thing we know about Game of Thrones, its that no character is safe! George R. R. Martin and showrunners show mercy to no character. Or actor! For example, there is Sean Bean. He portrayed the beloved Ned Stark – whom we thought would be our fierce leader in the chaotic world of Westeros. Then, he was decapitated at the end of season one. Recently, an interviewer asked Bean who he believes will outlast them all and finally sit on the Iron Throne.

Bean, hilarious as always, needed a moment to remember who’s still standing. (To be fair, it took us a moment to recall as well.) Then Bean said, “Who’s left? Jon Snow is left, isn’t he? But Arya would have to be it. Yeah, Arya will last – maybe she’ll be on the throne.”

For us, Arya is the smart choice. But who knows? Fans never get attached to characters anymore, and no one can blame them!

We are eagerly waiting for that season eight trailer, and getting any more hints about the final showdown.