2020 Grammys Nominations: Ageism Accusations, Major Snubs, and More

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Grammy 2020 Nominations

As always, the Grammy Awards will kick off next year’s award season in January. However, the recent release of the 2020 Grammy Award nomination list has many talking. While plenty of predictable favorites received nominations, many older stars did not, leading to accusations of ageism. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Grammy nominations…

The 2020 Grammy: Kicking Off The Awards Season

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The end of the year means award seasons waits just around the corner! On January 27, the 2020 Grammy Awards will officially kick-off the season. And, as music’s biggest night, millions tune into to see fresh new artists take the stage alongside legends.

The most significant awards of the night are Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best New Artist. Many artists earned nominations across the board. Billie Eilish received nominations in all four prominent categories, while Lil Nas, Ariana Grande, and Lana del Rey have nominations in at least two of them. One notable snub for Best New Artist? Lizzo, the hitmaker behind “Juice.” Some argued she did not deserve it, given that she’s been in the industry for ten years. However, others pointed out that she only recently blew up.

Still, none of these nominations should have come as a significant surprise. Almost all the categories look similar to the recent American Music Awards nominations, not an uncommon occurrence. At the AMAs, Taylor Swift took home Artist of the Year; meanwhile, at the Grammys, she earned three nominations. Meanwhile, Billie Eilish took home Best New Artist at the AMA, so expect a repeat at the Grammys.

Even more surprising? Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born soundtrack received three nominations, including “Song of the Year.” No one expected that album to be still making noise, but here we are! Fans also noticed another odd thing about the Grammy 2020 nominations…

Accusations of Ageism

Grammy 2020 Nominations
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Many are accusing the Recording Academy of ageism after not one artist over 50 received a solo nomination in a big category. The oldest nominee is Billy Ray Cyrus, who is 57, but he did not earn a solo nomination. His nomination is tied to his featured verse on Lil Nas X’s crossover hit “Old Town Road.”

Even more interesting, some of the biggest over-50 artists put out records this year. For instance, Bruce Springsteen debuted his acclaimed Stars album this year, selling 60,000 records in the first week. They even made a documentary about its importance in his career! Still, no nominations. Madonna and Sheryl Crow also released hit albums that earned no noms. So, its no wonder the Grammys are now facing ageism accusations!

These awards, obviously, do not necessarily reflect on the audience’s taste or preferences. It’s a complicated industry with inside politics; we will likely never find out the actual reasoning behind these nominations. However, for the past decade, award shows’ ratings have declined at a rapid pace, and now producers are trying anything. Like last year, when the Oscars went without a host. It could be the Grammy producers wish to attract a younger crowd, maintain the ceremony’s relevancy status by nominating young artists, and boost the show’s ratings. We’ll see how it all goes when the Grammys aid on January 27, 2020!

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