Helen Mirren Says She Wore Makeup Every Day During Lockdown

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Helen Mirren Makeup No Cosmetics
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Believe it or not, actress Helen Mirren wore makeup every single day of the coronavirus lockdown. That’s right! Read on to discover why the actress added cosmetics to her daily routine…

Helen Mirren’s Daily Routine

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These days, plenty of actresses have gone without makeup to encourage a change to beauty standards. But not iconic actress Helen Mirren! While many around the world went without makeup to relax a little during the coronavirus, the iconic actress continued to dress up to help her cope with the stress. The 75-year-old opened up about her daily ritual in the latest issue of People Magazine. “Every day I put on makeup,” Mirren said, explaining that she does it for her own entertainment. “I didn’t do it for [my husband Taylor Hackgord] because Taylor never notices. He asks if I’ve got makeup on or not and doesn’t really care, but he certainly doesn’t notice.”

“He’ll sometimes say in a rather puzzled way, ‘Oh, you look really nice.’ You just associate the fact that I look nice with the fact I’ve just spent an hour doing my makeup! But I would put my makeup on every day and get dressed every day because I enjoy it,” Mirren explained. As it turns out, the actress simply loves looking glamorous! “I felt like I was living my life properly. So, it was actually a good experience for me.”

Other than that, Mirren felt that the pandemic was quite unusual and baffling. She said that staying away from the film sets and Hollywood noise felt rather “extraordinary.” However, when she returned to the theaters at Cannes this year, Mirren said she loved coming back. “Having spent a year and a half sort of behind closed doors, I’ve forgotten what this was like. So a little bit intimidating. But at the same time, it was such fun,” she said.

Enjoying Makeup At Home

Helen Mirren Makeup No Cosmetics

Just recently, Mirren walked the red carpet for the first time since 2019, for a L’Oréal show. As she returned to the red carpet, the F9 actress came ready to show off her makeup skills and beauty. And, unlike many other actresses, Mirren loves showing off her stylish outfits and fancy hairstyles!

“I have to say, I love it,” Mirren personally confessed upon walking the red carpet again. She explained that she loves to dress up inexpensive clothes. “I appreciate the craft of couture. I’m a girl, I love, love dressing up. And then I’m perfectly happy to give it all away at the end of the night and go back to my scruffy, Bohemian outfits.”

Well, we hope that Helen Mirren continues to impress fans with her incredible looks!

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