Phillies Fan Is A Great Sport About Flying Hot Dog Incident

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Philadelphia Phillies
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There’s a reason fans also call baseball “America’s pastime.” Nearly everyone loves it, whether they’re a hardcore fan with season tickets or just watch the occasional game. Whether its the skill, the seventh inning stretch, or a delicious hot dog, the game brings great joy to many. But from time to time, the game can get a little “dangerous.” Here is the tale of one Phillies fan, and her great reaction to a funny incident which happened during the game.

The Story of the Soaring Sausage

Hot Dog
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Kathy McVay is a huge Phillies fan. As such, she was very excited to attend the Phillies v. Cardinals game on Monday, June 21st. Little did she know her day would end earlier than expected. McVay was minding her own business as she sat near home plate. During one of the breaks the team’s mascot, the Phillie Phanatic, came out on a cart with a hot dog cannon.

Then he started launching, you guessed it, real hot dogs at the cheering crowd. During the game, one hot dog flew in the direction of McVay, striking her in the face. McVay actually saw the hot dog coming towards her. However, she was recovering from a shoulder injury and couldn’t dodge away from the soaring sausage fast enough.

The Aftermath

Phillies hot dog
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McVay was transported to the hospital, where she received all the necessary tests and to everyone’s relief had no concussion. She said the doctors told her she’d be quick to recover from the incident (a slight black eye and a small hematoma in her eye). In the hospital, McVay phoned her brothers to tell them what happened. Their response? They couldn’t stop laughing. Sounds like brothers to us!

Still, we’re a little surprised the hot dog was shot hard enough for McVay even need a hospital visit. Maybe turn the power down a bit, Phillie Phanatic?

A Hearty Laugh

Phillies hot dog
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The brave woman was asked if she would proceed with any legal actions, but she does not feel the need to pursue legal action. McVay told reporters that nowadays people need a good laugh; if she could brighten people’s day a little and make them laugh, she’s happy to do so. All in all, she is healthy in body and soul, and that’s what matters.

In the end, everything worked out for the best. The Phanatic told ABC 6 of Philadelphia he feels “terrible about what happened,” and no we’re not joking. Additionally, the Phillies offered McVay tickets to another baseball game when she’s feeling better. See, it pays to be a good sport about sports.