Jane Fonda And Other Celebs Arrested For Protesting Climate Change

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Jane Fonda Arrested Fire Drill Fridays

Police arrested iconic actress Jane Fonda this month for protesting climate change in front of the Capitol. Fellow actresses Rosanna Arquette and Cathrine Keener were also arrested – and they say they have no plans to stop!

Jane Fonda Arrested

Catherine Keener Arrested

As one of the most famous ladies in Hollywood, one might think this was Jane Fonda’s first run-in with the law. However, think again! When police arrested the actress last month, it was her fourth time being booked for protesting. Beforehand, police had arrested Fonda for similar protests, one time alongside actor Ted Danson.

This time around, 81-year-old Fonda put the cuffs on while participating in Fire Drill Fridays in Washington D.C. For those not in the know, Fire Drill Fridays, created by Fonda herself, are weekly protests in front of the capitol to raise awareness for climate change. Last week, once again, the actress did not go down alone. Fellow actresses Rosanna Arquette and Cathrine Keener – both 60-years-old – stood strong as police arrested them as well. It all happened right in front of U.S. Senate Hart Building, with media cameras everywhere.

Fire Drill Fridays

Jane Fonda Arrested Fire Drill Fridays
Kirk McKoy/Los Angeles Times

In Fonda’s eyes, climate change and global warming are the biggest challenges we’re facing as humans. In fact, she moved to D.C. for four months so she could be closer “to the epicenter of the fight for our climate.” Now that she lives there, the actress can participate in demonstrations more regularly, like Fire Drill Fridays.

“Every Friday through January, I will be leading weekly demonstrations on Capitol Hill to demand that action by our political leaders be taken to address the climate emergency we are in. We can’t afford to wait,” Fonda said of Fire Drill Fridays.

Following her arrest, the actress spent twenty hours in jail before release. Afterward, Fonda spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, saying she did not feel too concerned with her arrest. Her concerns lie elsewhere. “Well, you know, I’m a white movie star… I’m almost 82-years-old…The most disturbing part of it was seeing the people in jail and realizing that this country doesn’t choose to put enough resources into social safety nets and mental health services because so many of the people are there because of poverty and racism and mental health issues.”

“We’re Running Out Of Time”

Catherine Keener Arrested
Manuel Balce Ceneta/New York Times

Jane Fonda knows that her status helps bring attention to her cause. However, she also thinks that the color of her coat makes a big difference. The actress repeatedly wears a red jacket and a black beret, as a symbol of protest. She told reporters, “I bought this on sale because I needed something red. And I’m not going to buy anything more.”

Fonda’s iconic look even inspired others: her fellow Hollywood protesters also wore red when they got arrested, people even dressed as Fonda getting arrested for Halloween! Meanwhile, online, the look has inspired fan art, posters, and protesters around the world to don the same look. Of course, the actress is no stranger to protests and arrests. Fonda used her newfound star status to raise awareness and organize anti-war protests back in the ’60s.

While jail might make others think again about protesting, the actress plans to continue.┬áNext, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream will join her. Fonda has many celebrities by her side, from Sam Waterson to Greenpeace USA president Annie Leonard. Everyone hopes that the change can come in time. “That’s why I’m in D.C. This is right now, and we’re running out of time,” Fonda said.

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