Jay-Z Deletes His Instagram After Less Than 2 Days

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Jay-Z Deletes His Instagram After Less Than 2 Days

No questions asked, plenty of celebrities use social media every day for both engagement and promotion. However, some have eschewed social media sites. So, when rapper Jay-Z finally joined Instagram, people could not stop talking about it. That is, until he quit the social media app less than two days after he created his account!

Jay-Z Joins Instagram

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Well, that certainly was quick! Just a few days ago, on Tuesday of last week, rapper Jay-Z finally joined just about every other celebrity on Earth when he created an account on Instagram, the world-famous photo-sharing platform. However, it was not meant to be. By Thursday of the same week, Jay-Z had already made his exit off the platform. Currently, it remains unclear if the world-famous star deactivated or deleted his Instagram account, but fans cannot find it anywhere on the site or app.

Still, Jay-Z’s time on the app was not wasted. In less than 48 hours, he managed to amass a massive following of 1.5 million followers. That’s right! Had he remained on the app, it would have made the star one of the most significant users on the platform, only behind frequent users life his wife, singer BeyoncĂ©.

While his time on Instagram may have been short, Jay-Z still managed to use the tool to promote some new material. Read on to discover the only two posts he made on his account…

Grand Entrance, Followed By A Grand Closing

Jay-Z Deletes His Instagram After Less Than 2 Days
Netflix, Jay-Z/Instagram

So, what did Jay-Z post while on Instagram? Well, only two things. First, he posted the poster for the upcoming film The Harder They Fall, above left, a new, black-focused western he produced. The film debuted on October 22, 2021, on both Netflix and in a limited theatrical run. The Harder They Fall also features an A-list cast including the likes of Idris Elba, Regina King, Zazie Beetz, and Jonathan Majors, most of whom play real-life African American figures from the Old West. The rapper simply captioned the post with the film’s title.

While Jay-Z does not appear in the movie, the rapper and recent billionaire did contribute to the soundtrack. He has two tracks on the soundtrack: “Guns Go Bang,” alongside Kid Cudi, and then “King Kong Riddim,” which features Jadakiss, Conway The Machine, and BackRoad Gee.

Jay-Z also uses the Instagram story feature to post a countdown to the release of The Harder They Fall, above right. Once the countdown ended, the rapper’s account vanished. As a result, many are thinking he simply joined to promote the movie, and then used his grand exit as even more promotion. If that’s the case, the star’s plan certainly worked!

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