Jennifer Aniston Surprises Fans On ‘Friends’ Set

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Jennifer Aniston Friends Set Prank

It seems like 2020 is the year of Jennifer Aniston! Recently, the actress guest-hosted Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show for an episode. While hosting, Aniston decided to prank some Friends fans’ on the show’s iconic coffee house set. Afterward, the clips went completely viral! Check them out below…

Jennifer Aniston Ventures Into New Platforms

Jennifer Aniston Friends Set Prank
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Aniston has remained a Hollywood star since she landed her role as Rachel Green on the ’90s show Friends, which retains a huge fanbase, decades after its finale. Afterward, she moved onto film, starred in many iconic movies like Bruce Almighty and Marley and Me.¬†Meanwhile, Aniston’s fans came along for the ride, making all of her films hits – despite what the critics think of some of them.

However, unlike many 90s stars, Aniston has managed to keep her momentum up, straight through the 2000s and 2010s. Last year, she starred in Apple+’s hit program The Morning Show, her first lead television performance since Friends. Aniston snagged a SAG award for the role, and even had a little moment with ex-husband Brad Pitt backstage, sending the internet into a tizzy. And let’s not forget Aniston joined Instagram not long ago and broke it by gaining a million followers in 24 hours!

A Central Perk Prank

Now, Aniston has gone viral once again! This time around, it all started when the actresses guest-hosted for Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show for a single episode. As you might imagine, Aniston took to the role naturally, charming as always. While fans enjoyed the whole episode, they loved one moment in particular: when Aniston hilarious pranked some Friends fans!

Friends was filmed on the Warner Bros. Backlot, much like Ellen’s show. In fact, they left the famous Central Perk set up, so fans can visit!¬†Aniston took the opportunity to the maximum: she stationed herself behind the famous Friends Central Perk’s couch, where fans sit down to take photos. Then, once they said “cheese!,” she jumped up and surprised them! Or in other cases, someone behind the camera asked who the fans’ favorite Friend is, and when fans replied Monica or Ross, Aniston leap up and called them out for it.

Needless to say, the fans felt incredibly shocked! Some screamed for minutes on end, while others simply sat in silence, dumbfounded. One shocked fan even asked, “Are you real?” To which Aniston jokingly replied, “I live here!”

What’s Next For Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston Friends Set Prank

So what’s next for Jennifer Aniston? Well, as of right now, she has two big-ticket items on her docket. The first is pretty obvious: after its massive success, Apple+ ordered another season of The Morning Show. In fact, its already in production! Meanwhile, Echo Films, Aniston’s production company, announced she will headline a movie titled The Fixer, which centers around “a former Miss USA contestant [becoming] a successful sports manager.”

It seems like Aniston has been choosing her directions very carefully, like Apple’s streaming platform series, joining Instagram, and generally being more open than before with the public without losing her grace – and her fans and audiences love it!

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