Diet Coke Names Kate Moss as Creative Director

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Celebrating milestones mean going all way out. And that’s exactly what Diet Coke intends. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the brand goes glam by signing on no less than the ultimate supermodel: Kate Moss!

Kate Moss Joins Coca-Cola

Diet Coke Names Kate Moss as Creative Director - 1

A supermodel working with the big soda brand? You got it! Kate Moss became a Creative Director for Diet Coke right as the brand celebrates its 40th anniversary. Yet, it’s not just about advertising. Instead, Moss is helping visualize the new Diet Coke “Love What You Love” campaign. It proudly showcases positive people with an optimistic outlook on life. Campaign individuals indulge in self-love and know what they love to do. As for Moss, she’ll be bringing her creative insight to the brand, all while partnering with the biggest fashion designers to build the Diet Coke fanbase. In the past, the brand had been collaborated with other fashion legends. That list includes designers Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. That said, Moss is a rather special guest on Diet Coke’s team.

Both the sugar-free, no-calorie drink and the model found their fame in the ‘90s internationally. In particular, the drink rode the publicity wave for the second time throughout its history back then. Diet Coke has been known for promoting a love for fashion and oneself. We often see the iconic cans in the pictorial shoots, backstage, or even during fashion shows. Well, Moss once again proved that the brand is genuine with its goal. In the pictures for the ad, the model is wearing red lipstick as well as same-colored gloves, matching the letters on the can she’s holding. The shots are outstandingly fashionable – you can see that Moss has a ton of experience working with the camera.

Love What You Love

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At last, Moss shared her excitement regarding joining the Diet Coke family. It worked with a lot of fashion names in the past! Moreover, the model claimed that she found a connection with the campaign right away. “I am thrilled to join the Diet Coke family – I love the past collaborations they’ve done with such incredible names in fashion,” she explained. “The ‘Love What You Love’ campaign connected with me instantly as I am a firm believer that with confidence and passion, you can achieve your wildest dreams. As Creative Director, I’m looking forward to inspiring fans and celebrating the brand’s 40th Birthday in style.” The company representatives are pumped for the future as well. Thankfully, it’s not just a one-time collaboration, but a full Creative Director position given to Moss.

“We are honoured to appoint Kate Moss as our new Creative Director, continuing Diet Coke’s rich history of collaborating with some of the biggest names in fashion and culture,” said Michael Willeke, Integrated Experience Director, Europe at The Coca-Cola Company. “This year, Diet Coke marks its 40th global anniversary, kick-starting with an official London Fashion Week partnership and brand experience, which gave fans the chance to reclaim their break.”

“This summer, we will continue to showcase the positive attitude of Diet Coke drinkers, and with Kate at the helm, inspire everyone to adopt a ‘Love What You Love’ attitude.”

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