Kim Kardashian Feels “Lazy” After Seeing Sister Kourtney’s Elf on the Shelf Set-Up

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Kim Kardashian Christmas 2021

In a recent Instagram video, socialite and reality television star Kim Kardashian admitted that her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, managed to put together a much better Elf on the Shelf display than her. In fact, Kim said that it made her feel lazy!

Kourtney Kardashian’s Elf on the Shelf Display

Elf on the Shelf Scenes

When reality television star Kim Kardashian saw her sister’s, Kourtney Kardashian, Elf on the Shelf display, it blew her mind. For those who don’t know, Elf on the Shelf has become a Christmas tradition all around the globe in recent years. From everyday folks to celebs, everyone likes creating little Elf scenes for their children. However, Kourtney really managed to turn it up a notch this year – and it made Kim want to up her game next year!

As you can see, Kourtney’s scene included dozens of little toys and lots of glitter! The display contains hazardous caution tape and signs, leading to a mini construction site. It also featured traffic cones, trucks, fake construction equipment, mini Christmas trees, and so much more. Of course, the elves were also included, driving the trucks.

Like you might imagine, Kim had plenty to say about her sister’s Christmas set-up. And now that they don’t have a reality show to broadcast their thoughts on, she took to Instagram to share her thoughts…

A Kim Kardashian Christmas

Kourtney Kardashian Christmas 2021

While Kim loves her sister, the Elf on the Shelf display certainly made her feel a certain way. “Kourt just showed me I’m really lazy. This is what she showed me this year. That I am really lazy…I need to get it together,” Kim said while narrating the video. In the end, the socialite said her sister’s scene even made her want to give up the whole tradition – for this year, at least. “You know what, I’m actually – the Omicron, what’s it called? My elves are gonna get the variant and go back in their Covid jars because I can’t do this.”

Along with Kourtney’s Elf on the Shelf display, Kim also shared her sister’s incredibly decorated Christmas trees – yes, multiple – as well as her gingerbread house ornament. Why was the ornament so important? Well, it costs $1,200. That’s right!

However, Kim Kardashian shouldn’t feel too bad. Earlier in the week, she shared her collection of old, family-related ornaments to her 271 million followers. And, as you might suspect, her house has looked positively festive over the best few weeks. So, while Kim might not have been able to match her sister’s fantastic Elf on the Shelf scene, she certainly decorated her heart out. And she did a great job!

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