The Compelling Love Life Of Liam Neeson

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Liam Neeson Love Life
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Of course, everyone’s familiar with Liam Neeson as an actor and celebrity. However, did you know his love life is as interesting as any of his films? Like the best stories, it has its’ ups and down…

Early Romance

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For those who don’t remember, Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson once dated! The two met while on the set of the 1981 film Excalibur, long before either had become the iconic stars they are today. “Before I met her and we worked together, I had read somewhere that if she fancied a guy she would imitate his walk behind his back. And I turned around one day and she was doing that to me,” Neeson said recently, while on the Graham Norton Show.

While Mirren was not the star she is now, she had still been in a few major films, so she took the young Neeson under her wing and found him an agent. Despite a loving relationship, the two were not meant to be, with their romance only lasting five years. “It was difficult for him to be under my shadow. I was well known; I had the money,” Mirren told the New York Times in 1994. “I had a sense from Liam that it was time for him to come out from under my wing. He handled it with great elegance and grace. We loved each other. It was difficult to let go.” Now, thankfully, the two remain good friends. They have even appeared on talk shows together!

The Love of a Lifetime

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By the early ’90s, Neeson had become a household name, thanks to roles in films like Steven Speilberg’s Schindler’s List. The ’90s also proved fruitful for Neeson’s love life as he met his future wife, actress Natasha Richardson, in 1993. The two met while working on the movie Anna Christie, another hit for them. Despite having recently gone through a very public divorce, Richardson found comfort in Neeson. “It was not an easy time when I met Liam,” Richardson said later. “Working with him, what happened between us, and that becoming public knowledge in conjunction with my marriage falling apart, was kind of bad timing. So what can I say? Obviously, I fell very much in love with him.” Just a year later, in 1994, the two wed in a beautiful ceremony.

Soon enough, Neeson and Richardson had two sons, Miche├íl and Daniel, born in 1995 and 1996, respectively. Sadly, once again, the happiness was not meant to last. In 2009, Richardson hit her head while skiing in Canada. Unfortunately, the accident led to an epidural hematoma and, ultimately, the actress’ death on March 18. In a silver lining, Richarson was an organ donor, and her organs saved the lives of three individuals in desperate need.

Of course, after Richardson’s passing, Neeson took some time away from the dating scene. In fact, some thought he would never return…

Liam Neeson Now

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While it seemed liked Neeson might never find love again, over a year after Richardson passed, rumors of a new love in his life began to crop up. The stories turned out to be true! It turns out the actor had started a relationship with British publicist Freya St. Johnston. Having two kids herself, Johnston bonded with the actor very quickly over single parent life. At first, their schedules proved too hectic for one another, and they broke up a year later in 2012. However, it seems that Neeson knew true love when he saw it. By 2013, the couple had reunited and remains together today.

Today, Liam Neeson and Johnston are happy but lead a very private life. Makes sense, given their professions! Still, fans hope that they hear wedding bells sooner rather than later!

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