Actress Madelaine Petsch Promises Riverdale Will “Make a Lot More Sense” Soon

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Actress Madelaine Petsch Promises Riverdale Will "Make a Lot More Sense" Soon
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Confused by the recent Riverdale episodes? Well, no need to worry! According to actress Madelaine Petsch, the series will all make sense when episode 100 airs. Fans of the show need to read on and find out what she said…

Madelaine Petsch on Riverdale Episode 100

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That’s right, the 100th episode of Riverdale is almost here! It’s hard to believe that the show has reached this milestone. After all, its debut episode, which premiered in 2017, seems like it happened yesterday. However, here we are. And with that massive Riverdale episode approaching, fans continue to wonder what it could reveal. One thing’s for sure: according to actress Madelaine Petsch, everything will make sense. Recently, fans have felt a little confused after all the episodes taking place in alternate universes, like Rivervale.

“Rivervale will have an effect on Riverdale but not in the way you would expect,” Petsch said to E! News. “The way that they tied up Rivervale though, I think is very well done and makes the last five seasons of the show make a lot more sense.” She also revealed that the episode would have massive repercussions! “I feel like the storyline, which is really great, drew a line through the whole show in general. It’s very powerful…I don’t know how they did it, but it’s so smart what they did.”

But that’s not all! Petsch also announced that the upcoming episode will feature some familiar faces…

Season Seven?

Actress Madelaine Petsch Promises Riverdale Will "Make a Lot More Sense" Soon
The CW

That’s right! According to Petsch, some fan-favorite Riverdale High alums will return for episode 100! “It’s a really cool time to see a lot of older characters come together and be back with some people who started the show with me,” Petsch explained. “It’s really fun to be a part of such a large ensemble show and to see all of us back together again was really fun.” Her final tease? “And a certain character that’s never gotten to speak on the show finally says something, which is really exciting.”

Of course, Petsch feels thrilled that Riverdale will soon hit 100 episodes. However, her favorite part? That Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress Kiernan Shipka joined Riverdale for season six! “I love Kiernan with my whole heart, so that’s the best part,” Petsch also said. “But also, it’s cool to see Cheryl explore her witchy side with someone who’s been doing it for a long time.”

The 100th episode of Riverdale will debut on December 14th, so make sure you’re ready! After episode 100, there will be two more in season six. While many expect a season seven, fellow Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart has told fans not to expect many more after that. “I don’t know. We’re hoping for a season seven,” Reinhart said during a recent Instagram Live event. “And then that will probably be the last one.”

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