Keanu Reeves And Robert Englund Team Up With Make-A-Wish Foundation

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Keanu Reeves Robert Englund Make-A-Wish Foundation
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While there are many incredible organizations around the world, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the greatest. Every year, they work tirelessly to make the dreams of children with critical illnesses come true. Recently, Make-A-Wish made two young fans’ dreams come true with the help of acting legends Keanu Reeves and Robert Englund.

Make-A-Wish Joins Forces With Keanu Reeves and Robert Englund

Keanu Reeves Robert Englund Charity
Make-A-Wish Foundation

For those who do not know, the Make-A-Wish Foundation works hard to “grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a critical illness.” Incredibly, in the United States, the Foundation grants a wish roughly every 34 minutes! Every year, the organization teams up with a variety of celebrities. Recently, Make-A-Wish got two fans together with their favorite actors: Keanu Reeves and Robert Englund. The two young fans, each battling rare diseases, simply asked for meetups with their idols.

But both Reeves and Englund – on two separate occasions and unknowingly of each other – went above and beyond. Each actor made the young fans’ request an incredible day, one they will undoubtedly remember forever.

“An Unbelievable Day”

Keanu Reeves Robert Englund Make-A-Wish Foundation
Make-A-Wish America/Facebook

Most teenagers days these love Marvel movies or remakes. However, sixteen-year-old Emily from New Jersey’s favorite film is Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The 1989 stoner comedy starring a then-unknown Keanu Reeves didn’t receive rave reviews. However, it did spawn a cult following, a sequel in 1991, and generations of fans – including Emily. So, when asked for her ultimate wish, she asked to meet Keanu Reeves – and it happened!

Keanu Reeves made Emily’s dreams come true when he invited her to the set of a new Bill & Ted movie, to meet the real Ted “Theodore” Logan. Before that, the foundation flew Emily to the original Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure set and gave her a tour. On the current film’s set, Reeves picked out a scene for Emily to watch, so she could witness the magic happening. Afterward, they posed for pictures in front of the film series’ iconic van.

Emily’s mother, Deborah, said her daughter absolutely loves the movie and the actor. “It was an unbelievable day. She hasn’t been this happy in months! Keanu seemed to be having as much fun with Emily as she was with him.”

Freddy Krueger’s Biggest Fan

Keanu Reeves Robert Englund Charity

From one legendary icon to the next! Actor Robert Englund – aka Freddy Kreuger himself – also recently made a dedicated fan’s dream come true. While Englund might be famous for portraying one of the silver screen’s most notorious killers, in real life he’s famously lovely and soft-spoken. In the past, he’s worked with the PEACE Fund, St. Judes, and, now, Make-A-Wish. Together with the Advocate Children’s Hospital, the foundation contacted the actor on behalf of a young fan, 18-year-old Henry.

Henry said his biggest wish is to meet his “favorite horror icon” – and Make-A-Wish Illinois made his dream come true. It was certainly no nightmare! The actor made his way to meet Henry, and the two shared a wonderful day together. They took a funny, touching photo together, where Henry was dressed up as the iconic horror character, and Englund making a horrified face. They spend the rest of the day chatting, with Englun regaling tales from his prolific horror career.

If these stories have made you want to give to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, so they can continue granting wishes, you can do so here.