All About The New Star Wars Show ‘The Mandalorian,’ Starring GoT-Alumni Pedro Pascal

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The Mandalorian Show Pedro Pascal
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For the first time ever, a live-action show will take place in the Star Wars universe. If that’s not enough to get you on board, the show features a ton of great stars, including Game of Thrones alumni Pedro Pascal. It’s clear Disney hopes the show, titled The Mandalorian, can become the star series of its new streaming service. So, what’s it all about and when will it air? Read on to find out this and a whole lot more!

Meet The Mandalorian, AKA Pedro Pascal

The Mandalorian Show Pedro Pascal
The Walt Disney Company

Last month we got a giant sneak peek at Disney+’s – Disney’s streaming platform – new Star Wars-universe TV show, The Mandalorian. Fans also got a look at the cast, including former Game of Thrones former actor, Pedro Pascal (who played Prince Oberyn Martell).

The show will debut as the first live-action television show set in the Star Wars universe. Furthermore, Jon Favreau, of Iron Man and Jungle Book fame, directed the entire first season! Filming finished on The Mandalorian a few months ago, and now it sits, practically ready to go. However, you’ll need to wait a little longer before you enjoy the show. The Mandalorian premieres on November 12, 2019. This is just a little over a month before the next Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker, which opens on December 20th.

The Mandalorian will undoubtedly be one of Disney+ front-row shows, as they are up against some huge competition. Disney+ goes up against Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and of course, Apple’s new streaming platform Apple TV+, which will release this summer.

Can You Explain What A Mandalorian Is?

The Mandalorian Show Pedro Pascal
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After the announcement, fans had tons of questions. Primarily, they wanted to know how Disney planned to release The Mandalorian. Would it come out in a traditional, weekly format or a Netflix, binge-style? The answer is the latter. Some speculate that Disney took a page from HBO’s book, and not just with casting. Over the past few years, Game of Thrones continually released weekly flying in the face of other big-budget shows from Netflix.

The Mandalorian takes place five years after the events of Star Wars film Return of the Jedi. In an interview with Good Morning America, creators and stars of the show tried to explain the shows main character. Pascal said, “I left the meeting and I was like, ‘They want me to be the Mandalorian.’ What’s a Mandalorian? It’s hard to explain! He is a bounty hunter like Boba Fett and a lone gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy after the fall of the Empire.”

The Show Is For Everyone

The Mandalorian Show Pedro Pascal
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The infamous Star Wars character Boba Fett inspired the creation of The Mandalorian. Favreau considers Fett extremely underrated, especially since the character only has a few lines in the original trilogy. Writer David Filoni said, “The main thing, you know, you should have fun making Star Wars, and we have a lotta fun.” And it sure does look like they’re having fun.

Other actors on the show include action star Carl Weathers and MMA-fighter-turned-actress Gina Carano, who both seem perfect for the action-packed show.

Even if you’ve never watched a minute of Star Wars before, you could still enjoy the show. “This story is targeted to everyone who has ever heard of [a Star Wars film]” said Weathers. And that covers just about everyone!

Pascal concluded the fans reaction: “There’s a tremendous amount of energy – coming from the fans – my sense of the whole thing is they really want to be satisfied, you know? They really want it to feel good.”