Mandy Moore Collaborates With Real Life Husband For ‘This Is Us’ Song

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Mandy Moore This Is Us

Mandy Moore, the star of This Is Us, had quite the incredible month. From her beautiful wedding to collaborating with her new hubby for an original song on the show! Moore also had to deal with some sad events right before her wedding – but came out stronger than ever. Read on to find out all about Moore’s recent highs and lows.

The Touching Collaboration

Mandy Moore This Is Us

If you watch This Is Us and don’t cry every single episode, you must be made of steel. The show is known for frequently playing its fan’s emotions like a fiddle. However, sometimes the stories behind the show are as touching as the show itself.

In a tear-jerking scene during the latest episode of the show, we got to listen to a beautiful, original song, sang by character Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) titled “Invisible Ink.” It was a flashback-filled scene where we got to see heartbreaking moments of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) during his time in Vietnam. The song is also beautiful because of how it came about: it is a collaboration between Mandy Moore and husband Taylor Goldsmith, who is the lead singer of the band Dawes.

Goldsmith was working on the song and wanted his love, Moore, to sing it. But she didn’t know she was going to be a part of it! Then, the composer of the show’s music, Siddhartha Khosla (also a massive fan of Goldsmith), reached out to the musician. Together, they finished the song and decided to use it on the show. Only after they finished the song did they offer it to Mandy Moore. Of course, she agreed. Moore said, “It was such a surprise that my own soon-to-be-husband got to write from my character’s perspective […] but it was so cool. The song is really beautiful.”

Mandy Moore’s Incredible Weekend

Mandy Moore Wedding
Mandy Moore/Instagram

November continued to be a fantastic month for Mandy Moore. In addition to the touching song on This Is Us, she also married Goldsmith! It was a beautiful, intimate wedding. Moore says she’s excited about marriage life, and especially becoming a mother.

However, there were some complications before the wedding. The night before the ceremony, Moore bid goodbye to her cat, Madeline. The rescue cat suffered from a heart condition, and she endured many pills and shots before suddenly passing away in the early hours, just before Moore’s and Goldsmith’s wedding. Moore wrote a beautiful caption and uploaded a photo of Madeline. She wrote, “Animals really are the ultimate teachers. Thank you for the lessons in patience, responsibility and unconditional love, Madeline. Love you, baby girl.”

Mandy Moore Cat
Mandy Moore/Instagram

Moore is known for being sweet, strong, and always classy lady. Even though she had a “roller coaster of a weekend,” according to her, she chooses to look at the bright side of things and learn from every challenge. We wish Moore and Goldsmith nothing but happiness and continued success.