Meet The Markles: The Real Story of Meghan’s Family

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The saying goes – “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” But what about family? What does your family say about you, if anything? Lately, we’ve been seeing articles about Meghan and Prince Harry all over the place. It seems that we have seen less about the new Duchess’ family, the Markles. This is your chance to get to know Meghan’s family history a little better, as well as get a better sense of her support system and the drama surrounding them.

Meghan’s Mother: Doria Ragland (aged 61)

The Markles
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Doria Ragland might’ve been the star of the royal wedding (after her daughter, of course). Graceful and poised, she was supportive and in favor of this wedding from day one; reportedly, Doria and Prince Harry “adore” each other. Ragland is a social worker who used to work as a therapist in an L.A. nonprofit mental health clinic. She left to start her own practice with elderly patients. Ragland left her practice before Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry to support her daughter. Meghan considers her mother as one of the most influential women in her life; “She’s sensitive and caring, a free spirit, and [she’s like] a best friend.”

Meghan’s Father: Thomas Wayne Markle (aged 73)

Meghan Markle's Family
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Rumors sparked all over the place when Meghan’s father decided not to attend his daughter’s royal wedding. However, it turns out this was due to his medical issues. Thomas Markle is an Emmy Award-winning lightning director and camera operator (who worked the sets of General Hospital and Married… With Children). Thomas and Meghan’s mother, Doria, divorced when she was six; reportedly, Meghan has a good relationship with him. Mr. Markle currently lives in Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

Meghan’s Half Sister: Samantha Grant (aged 53)

The Markles
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When Hollywood meets royalty, there will obviously be some drama. Grant is Meghan’s half-sister from her father’s first marriage and lives in Florida. Ever since news of Meghan’s relationship with the prince broke, Grant has been talking about Meghan to the press. She was interviewed by multiple British media outlets as well as voicing her opinions on Twitter many times. Grant doesn’t speak favorably of the now-Duchess and claims Meghan is a “shallow social climber,” and she was distraught that she was not invited to the royal wedding.

Meghan’s Half Brother: Thomas Markle Jr.

Meghan Markle's Family
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Meghan’s half-brother, also from her father’s previous marriage, is Thomas Jr. who lives in Oregon and works as a window fitter. Meghan and Thomas Jr. have not spoken since 2011, and he wasn’t invited to the wedding. Like sister Samantha, he was also making rounds with the press, discussing Meghan. He apparently was arrested on suspicion of menacing last year. To add to the drama, on May 2nd, 16 days before the royal wedding, Thomas Jr. reportedly sent an open letter to Meghan – published in the UK Daily Mail – asking Prince Harry to cancel the wedding. Then, on May 11th, Thomas Jr. issued yet another letter asking Meghan for wedding invitations. His ex-wife and two sons have also been talking to the press and were flown by Good Morning Britain to London to serve as “special wedding correspondents.”

Even though there’s quite a bit of drama surrounding lovely Duchess Meghan, she’s a strong woman surrounded by fantastic family and friends. We know she won’t let rumors about the Markles bring her down, and hopefully, will use her platform and powers to do a whole lot of good alongside hubby Prince Harry.