Musician Taught Parents to Play Instruments and Now They Have An Album

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Musician Taught Parents to Play Instruments and Now They Have An Album - 0

During the pandemic lockdown, this one musician from New Zealand missed his band members so much that he taught both of his parents to play the drums and the bass. Now, their family band, “Mommas Boy” has an actual album out.

How Mommas Boy Was Born

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Ryan Stokes from New Zealand spent his free time jamming out with his friends. When the lockdowns disrupted this usual experience of theirs, he couldn’t get used to the lonely feeling in the practice room. So he did what any other bored musician would do – he taught his parents to play the drums and bass. Which then led to the formation of the band  “Mommas Boy,” and now, an album! First, Ryan’s mother learned to play the drums at 55 years old. A few months later, his 60-year-old father was strumming the strings on an electric bass. Ryan is the main vocalist of the band. Despite the end of lockdowns, the band continues practicing up to four times a week.

The album, Who Would Have Thought (a fitting name, for the record!) took around a month to record, and is currently available on the band’s Spotify account. “They were pestered to start the band by their very eager son,” Stokes teased. “I had nothing to do during the lockdown and wanted to play music. Mum loved the White Stripes—especially Meg White and was very excited to learn to drum like her.” Surprisingly enough, his mom was super quick to get the basics of drumming. In just an hour, she was able to get the beat down, and three hours later, she was ready to play in “Mommas Boy.” Same for his dad, who learned the main notes on the bass after just a few hours of practicing.

Musician Teaches Parents To Play Instruments – And They Blow Up On TikTok

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Right after the first practice, “Mommas Boy” began invading the internet. TikTok, to be precise, became the band’s favorite platform. In response, many users came to love them as well, gathering into a 72,000-strong fan base and counting. Their views have exceeded 700,000 since the account creation. The whole family has been shocked to receive such a positive reaction! “Mum is known as the ‘mumma drummer’ around her work and dad is constantly blown away by the response online, after initially thinking social media was a very negative environment,” Stokes told SWNS news. Although “Mommas Boy” has appeared in live shows, it still doesn’t have a record label. The band uses Stokes’ bedroom as a recording studio.

Before their first live gig, both Ryan’s mom and dad were nervous to showcase their skills before a real audience. “Mum constantly said that she was not good enough to play a live show and Dad was not optimistic, but after we completed our first show, they were overjoyed and could not wait for the next one,” Stokes commented. But the best part of forming “Mommas Boy” for him is being able to spend more time with his family. They also enjoy their shared hobby together.

“We always bonded over our shared love of music. Now we can bond over our shared love of making music,” he said.

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