New Adam Sandler Movie ‘Murder Mystery’ Smashes Netflix Records

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Netflix Murder Mystery Adam Sandler

Despite increased competition, Netflix shows no signs of slowing down! Their newest film, Murder Mystery starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, drew in millions of views during its opening weekend. Here’s everything you need to know about the streaming company’s latest smash hit…

Murder Mystery‘s Massive Success

These days, it’s easy to lose hours while you browse through Netflix. Between classic films and television shows, and Netflix’s hundreds of hours of original content, there are so many options! However, Netflix hit a near-universal home run earlier this month with its new original movie, Murder Mystery. It’s a comedy/action flick, one will with audacious action and hysterical, and equally unbelievable, moments. Sandler and Aniston portray the Spitz, a married couple, one a cop and the other a mystery-novel-obsessed stay-at-home-mom. While on their long put-off honeymoon in Europe, a murder occurs and, as you can guess, the Spitz are the only ones who can solve it.

A simple premise, A-list cast, and excellent marketing campaign all helped Murder Mystery smash Netflix records. So, how well did it do? Well, in the first three days of its release, June 12-15, viewers watched the film 31 million times. While Netflix rarely releases viewing numbers, they felt more than happy to announce their newest smash hit.

The number is even more impressive when you realize Netflix cannot tell if one person is watching alone or if a family of five are watching together. Media experts believe somewhere between 59 – 63 million people watched the film in its first three days (the equivalent to an opening weekend). To put the numbers in perspective: the average movie ticket in the United States costs $9.11. If Murder Mystery opened in traditional movie theaters, it would have made roughly $556 million, the third-largest opening of all time.

The Mystery Behind Murder Mystery 

Netflix Movie Adam Sandler Jennifer Aniston

So, millions watched…but did they like it? Well, Murder Mystery‘s IMDB score is 6/10, which isn’t bad at all. However, its Rotten Tomatoes score, an average score from various professional critic reviews, sits at 45%, which isn’t that amazing at all. Still, audiences and fans agreed that the film’s strength is that it doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It’s a silly movie, made to entertain. It’s literally titled Murder Mystery – it’s a parody of old noir films, themselves often rather obvious. Not only is the film light, entertaining fun, everyone agrees Sandler and Aniston have great chemistry!

Plus, with Sandler, viewers always know they’re in for a good chuckle or two! Netflix made a smart move in 2015 when they signed a four-movie deal with the comedian. Afterward, they made the same deal two years later, in 2017. There’s no debate: movie tickets are rising in cost, and fewer people make the trip to the theaters, going less often. It’s just too expensive! So signing a megastar like Adam Sandler – and for eight movies – rewards viewers for staying home, which they already are!

How Is Netflix Doing?

Netflix Ben Affleck

Everyone knows the competition is closing in around Netflix. From Hulu, Disney+, and now Quibi, the streaming field is becoming quite crowded. No longer does Netflix hold dominion over cord-cutters and those who have abandoned the traditional theater experience. However, Netflix clearly still feels confident, and they should! Murder Mystery isn’t the first hit of the year for the company! Netflix earned another massive success with Triple Frontier, starring Ben Affleck. They released the movie in March, and it received over 50 million views in four weeks. Meanwhile, the company’s The Umbrella Academy series scored over 45 million views over four weeks, and the Fyre Festival documentary garnered more than 20 million.

So why is Netflix releasing their numbers all of a sudden? Ted Sarandos, chief of content officer, said, “Over the next several months, we are going to be rolling out more specific, granular reporting. First to our producers, and then to our members, and be more fully transparent about what people are watching on Netflix around the world.” It would be fantastic to get to know more of Netflix’s views and what succeeds and what doesn’t – but until then, we’ll enjoy some Adam Sandler funny action at home.