What’s Coming To Netflix In July 2019 (And What’s Leaving Too)

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Netflix July 2019

It’s summertime; the sun is shining, and the beach-weather is calling you… however, sometimes, you just want to sit down and relax with some good old fashioned Netflix. Here are just some of the exciting things coming out to Netflix in July 2019, and what’s leaving too.

July 1 – Taxi Driver, Rain Man, And Other Hollywood Classics

Taxi Driver Streaming
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Every month, Netflix acquires some Hollywood classics, in addition to releasing originals. This July, a whole new set of iconic movies will be available on your screen, including Taxi Driver, Philadelphia, and Rain Man. If you’ve never watched these, all Academy Award winners, now’s your chance – you won’t be disappointed! Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something a little less heavy and a bit more fun, hits like Scream 3, Starsky & Hutch, and Caddyshack hit the streaming service this month. It’s a perfect time to re-watch some of your favorite movies with your loved ones!

July 4 – Stranger Things (Season 3)

It’s quite fitting Netflix chose July 4 to release one of their most successful series, Stranger Things. Set in the ’80s, this sci-fi romp that’s nostalgic for both classic ’80s cinema and a by-gone America. Now in its third season, the gang of kids we meant back in season one are growing up and times are-a-changing. The first mall in their city opens, the teens start to get jobs, and the youngins find first love. Of course, as always, some frightening supernatural force will bring them together and test their friendship. Watch above the new trailer Netflix recently dropped, teasing the latest season of Stranger Things.

July 9 – Mary Poppins Returns, Princess and the Frog (July 16)

Rejoice, Disney lovers! Two Disney classics will be available on your screens next month. Princess and the Frog is a lovely recreation of the classic tale, featuring the first African-American Disney princess. Mary Poppins Returns will also appear on Netflix later this month, after quite the box-office success last year. Emily Blunt stepped into Julie Andrew’s massive shoes, and there are new songs and brand-new CGI technology to bring Poppins’ incredible imaginative world to life – you will not be disappointed.

However, as Dinsey prepares to launch Disney+, their own streaming service, they also continue to pull content from Netflix. This month they’ll remove Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and expect more to go soon.

July 19 – Queer Eye (Season 4)

Queer Eye New Season

Yas, queens! Our favorite boys are back with a brand new season of Queer Eye. Just then it seems like every season cannot get more touching, intimate, and beautiful than the previous – it does! The Fab Five conquered Georgia last season, giving beautiful inside-and-out makeovers to an amazing group of individuals. Season four, for the first time, will take place in Philadelphia with brand new makeovers and tear-jerking moments. Plus, you’ve got over two weeks until season four premieres! That’s plenty of time to rewatch seasons one through three. Is there a better Fourth of July marathon than a Queer Eye marathon?

July 26 – Orange Is The New Black (Season 7)

Orange is the New Black was one of Netflix’s first original shows to became an instant hit, gathering millions of loving fans across the globe. Netflix’s original idea to air the entire season in one go, thus creating binge-watching marathons, was a genius marketing trick. Not only that, but it changed the face of television forever. However, the content has to be amazing, too. Otherwise, people won’t keep coming back for more. And in the case of Orange is the New Black, it is nothing short of incredible. Now in its final season, it’s hard to imagine how every character’s loose ends will be tied up. Fans are just hoping they do a better job than Game of Thrones.

What’s Leaving Netflix In July 2019

Netflix July 2019
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So, you’ve got plenty of new content to watch this month on Netflix. However, as always, there’s some great movies and television shows leaving the streaming service this month. Most notably, Netflix is losing three classic, modern trilogies: Austin Powers, The Mummy, and The Matrix. So go watch these classics while you have the chance!

You can find a full list of everything arriving to, and leaving, Netflix in July 2019, right here.