Unpublished Paul Newman Memoir To Debut In 2022

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Paul Newman Memoir 2022
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Many celebrities have authored and published memoirs, with quite a few going on to become best-sellers. However, every once in a while, one falls through the cracks. Thankfully, we now have a chance to peek into the life one of the most interesting actors of all time: a newly discovered memoir, by none other than Paul Newman, will hit the shelves next year!

Paul Newman’s Discovered Memoir

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It seems almost to good to be true: an newly discovered memoir from the late, great Paul Newman. However, its true! According to the publisher, Knopf Publishing, the actor talks about fame, love, aging, politics, and much more in the book. Apparently, the famed actor started writing the memoir in the mid ’80s, in order to counter the relentless media attention that hounded him.

Newman, one of the greatest actors of all time, won an Oscar for his role in the 1986 film The Color of Money. He also participated in hit films like Cool Hand Luke, The Sting, The Verdict, and Butch Cassidy and the Sun-Dance Kid, among many, many others. Of course, many remember Newman not only for his incredible acting, but also for his piercing blue eyes and amateur racing career. He retired from acting in 2007, passing away from lung cancer just a year later.

“Because there had been so many unsolicited biographies and examinations of my work and my life, the record now has no bearing on truth at all,” Newman said to a friend, screenwriter Stewart Stern, in 1986. “I should probably at least make some truthful self-examination so the unsolicited biographies wouldn’t be considered as gospel.”

However, Newman never published it before his passing in 2008. Now, in cooperation with Stern, Knopf will publish an exclusive look into one of the most interesting actors of all time…

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Paul Newman Memoir 2022

How did Stern become involved? Well, the screenwriter will help fill-out the unfinished memoir, based on the friends’ conversations. Meanwhile, Stern also spoke to many of Newman’s friends, family, and co-stars, with most talking on the records. Together, with the transcripts of the memoir, this will provide an incredible look into Newman’s life. Actress Joanne Woodward, 91, who married Newman in 1958, recently discovered the transcripts in her home. Soon after, the Newman family approved the book for publication.

“He does not shy away from his demons, and the actor’s candor, is, by turns, stunning, smart, funny, self-critical, and tender,” said Peter Gethers, who will edit the book. Knopf hopes to publish the memoir next year, in the fall of 2022. We cannot wait to read it!

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