One Special Superfan Smashed the ‘Price Is Right’ Attendance Record

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Price Is Right Record

One man from Los Angeles truly adores the game show, The Price Is Right. In fact, he loves it so much that he’s been attending nearly every show for the past season! Recently, the Price is Right finally took the time to recognize his love for the show.

A Record-Breaking Price Is Right Attendance

Game Show Attendance

Last week, Rosendo Alvarez from Los Angeles broke a record few would ever attempt. He went on a 180 show-attending streak on the Price Is Right, making him the most committed audience member to have ever graced the show. No one before has attended that many episodes, and we imagine few ever will.

As you might imagine, Alvarez is quite a fan of the show. Before this impressive 180-game attendance streak, the man never missed an episode of his favorite game show, recording them if he had to! So, the show decided to highlight his dedication during a very special episode of The Price Is Right: its 9,000th episode!

Alvarez Vs. The Pushover Game

Price Is Right Record

During his 180th show attendance, the show called Alvarez’s name, putting him in the game. It became clear to everyone watching that this man clearly loved The Price Is Right! As you might imagine, after catching thousands of episodes, Alvarez did a great job guessing the prices, enough to earn him a spot on stage. There, host Drew Carey invited him to play the Pushover game, in which the contestant is presented with a row of nine numbered blocks. They then try and determine the price of a specific prize – in numerical order, no less!

After the Right announced Alvarez’s incredible streak, many wondered the same question: where does he find the time? Well, some people’s hobbies include knitting, running, swimming, or traveling – but Alvarez’s is being an audience member in the show. In fact, he started his hobby back in 1994 – when Bob Barker still hosted!

The Price Was Right

During his entire performance, Alvarez never let his nerves affect him. As the show’s biggest fan, he knew exactly what to do and say. So, at the end of the day. Alvarez walked away with $35,000 worth of prizes, including cash and a new car. Just goes to show: hobbies really can pay off! Even Drew Carey seemed impressed by the performance – and he hosts! You can watch some of Alvarez’s performance above.

The Price Is Right hit 9,000 episodes during its 47th season, making it one of the longest-running game shows in the entire world. We’re sure the show will continue to run for many more years, and we can’t wait to see what incredible stories emerge from it next!

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