New Streaming Service Quibi Launching In Spring With 175 Shows

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Quibi Streaming Service

Once again, a new company will enter the already crowded arena of streaming services. The latest service, Quibi, launches this spring and will only run on your mobile phone. That’s right, mobile-exclusive! While not everyone’s sold on the idea, Quibi already has some major start signed on. Everyone from Spielberg to Jennifer Lopez to the co-creator of Rick and Morty will debut new television shows on the streaming service. Here’s everything you need to know about Quibi!

What Is Quibi?

So what exactly is Quibi? Well, it stands for “quick bites,” which gives you a clue of what the company will produce. The main difference between Quibi and other streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+, is that the former will feature “short-form videos” over longer content. “You leave the house every morning with a little TV in your pocket. It’s called your smartphone,” said CEO Meg Whitman of DropBox and Hewlett-Packard fame. “During the day, you have these in-between moments. Ten minutes here, 15 minutes there, where you want to see something great.”

Quibi will launch on April 6 of this year, with a tiered pricing system. A monthly subscription with ads will cost $5, while no ads costs $8 a month. That’s about half the subscription of ol’ Netflix. The shows on the platform will consist of short videos, as well as full television shows and feature-length films – edited into ten-minute bits. Quibi creators hope to reach “younger audiences” with the “quality of HBO” and the “convenience of Spotify.”

Meanwhile, Quibi also features a stellar line up of “prestigious creators.” Everyone from Steven Spielberg to Chance the Rapper wants in on Quibi! Recently, the streaming service announced the 175 shows that will air at launch. Read on to see what everyone’s most excited for…

Reality Shows

Chrissy’s Court – Yup, Chrissy Teigen is a real judge! The model and will television show will preside “real-life small claim cases,” Judge Judy style. The best part of all? Teigen’s mother will be the bailiff!

Thanks A Million – Hey, did we mention that a lot of stars signed on to Quibi? Well, you’ll see many of them on this reality show! In each episode, a different celebrity will give $100,000 to a person who influenced their life. Then, that person gifts someone who changed their life $50,000, they give half to someone, and so on down the line. Over the first ten-episode season, the show will put $1 million in the hands of ordinary people – hence the name. The celebrities signed up for the first season include Kristen Bell, Jennifer Lopez, and Tracy Morgan, among others.


Quibi Streaming Service
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After Dark – In this creative anthology series, iconic director Stephen Spielberg will tell audiences spooky horror stories each week. However, that’s not all! The episodes will only be streamable – you guessed it – after sundown.

SurviveGame of Thrones alumni Sophie Turner, alongside Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton), will star in this Lost-esque thriller where Turner and Hawkins portray the only survivors of a plane crash. Together they have to make it back to civilization, battling the great outdoors, and their personal demons.

Comedy Shows

Reno 911 Reboot
Comedy Central

Reno 911! – In addition to new shows, Quibi has also entered the reboot game with Reno 911! This spring, Comedy Central’s much-loved parody cop show returns! It became a cult hit while on the air, but the network canceled it in 2009. Now it’s back, with the original team!

Kirby Jenner – The Kardashian-Jenner clan is also a part of Quibi! Except, not really. For those who don’t know, “Kirby Jenner” is a comedian and performance artist who runs a popular Instagram account where he poses as Kendall Jenener’s fake fraternal twin. Over the years, Kirby’s “faux Kardashian” parody account has become a big hit. Now, he’s receiving his own parody show in the style of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Apparently, it will actually feature cameos by the real Kendall Jenner and Momager Kris (who is an executive producer, in case you thought they did not approve).

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