Rafael Nadal’s Hilarious White House Gaffe Has Fans Laughing

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Rafael Nadal White House U.S. Capitol

Tennis player Rafael Nadal recently visited Washington D.C. for a tennis tournament. Of course, he took some time to walk around the city, taking a few photos. However, when he posted them, he made a rather embarrassing – and hysterical – mistake…

Rafael Nadal Makes A Mistake

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Many of Rafael Nadal’s fans were incredibly excited to learn that he would play in the Citi Open, Washington D.C. After all, it’s a first for his outstanding career! And he did incredibly there, just as many experts predicted. Meanwhile, when not on the court, Nadal wanted to see the sights of Washington D.C. So, after arriving in the city, he decided to pick up a bicycle ride and explore D.C. When he arrived at the Capital Building he decided to take a selfie, just like any other normal, happy tourist. Afterward, Nadal decided to post the image to Instagram and Twitter – and that’s where the problem started…

“Hi DC, first time here and loving it,” Nadal wrote in the caption. However, when tagging the photo, the tennis player tagged the White House instead of the Capitol Building in the photo. Of course, the player’s fans couldn’t hold back their laughter! After all, Nadal had become hilariously confused! Thankfully, as soon as the sportsman realized it, he joined in on the joke. He didn’t deny the mistake, instead he agreed with fans. “Yes, it is,” Nadal responded to one fan who told him it was not the White House.

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Rafael Nadal White House U.S. Capitol

Although Nadal changed the tag to the tag to the White House later on, he’s still taking his light lashing from fans. Later on, the player blamed the mess-up on “lapsus typing.” That translates to a lapse in typing or typo – but the unusual word caused an array of emotions from the fan club. Another user wrote “#notthewhitehouse” in the comments, upset that someone confused the two. Nadal wrote “#definitely” back. This response has become a fan favorite, garnering over 300 likes the day he wrote it.

But this wasn’t the only post from Washington D.C. that made fans lose their marbles. In addition to Instagram posts, he also published pictures to his Instagram Story reel. Fans could not get over how much like a tourist the world-famous sports figure looked. “Yeah, it’s me with a helmet…” the tennis player wrote in a caption, causing even more laughs online. “Rafael nadal travelling dc with helmet on a cap, wearing neon, and looking so confused,” one Twitter user said, posting the screenshot.

“You’re telling me this legend had to ride his little bike around the Mall with his little helmet jammed onto his little hat & take selfies in front of the wrong buildings b/c our stupid president didn’t think to host Spanish head of state His Excellency Don Rafael Nadal Parera?” another one wondered.

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