Best Movies To Stream This Saint Patrick’s Day

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Streaming Saint Patrick's Day Movies
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Unfortunately, it looks like many Saint Patrick’s Day event will not happen this year, due to the coronavirus. However, you can still celebrate at home! Here are some of the best Saint Patrick’s Day movies to stream at home this year.

Gangs of New York (2002)

Let’s start with what’s like the best Saint Patrick’s Day movie of all time, Gangs of New York. It’s a smart, suspenseful mafia movie filled with twists, excellent dialogues, and incredible acting. What else do you expect from Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio? In Gangs, DiCaprio plays a mourning Irish-born son who returns to New York City to avenge his father’s death, with Daniel Day-Lewis acting as his father’s killer and nemesis. It’s bloody, long, incredible, and is sure to suck the wind right out of you!

Leap Year (2010)

We’re taking a break from gangster films and slashers to talk about Amy Adams‘ sweet romantic comedy, Leap Year. The film stars Adams as a real estate opposite Matthew Goode, a man who cannot seem to commit. So, in order to tie him down, Adams’ character takes him all the way to Ireland to propose to him on leap day…an Irish tradition a man cannot deny. It’s a fresh take on romantic comedies and reverse roles; even though critics didn’t love it, it’s still a fun family movie to unwind to this Saint Patrick’s Day.

Leprechaun (1993)

How could we not include Leprechaun on a list of the best Saint Patrick’s Day movies? It is, after all, the year of Jennifer Aniston! What is Leprechaun, you ask? Well, the bizarre 1993 was Aniston’s first role ever. This horror film is all about a vengeful leprechaun, played by Warwick Davis, who hunts down any humans who dare to touch his pot of gold. Unfortunately, Aniston’s family may have touched the gold…While the film became a critic and box office massacre (see what we did there?), it became an instant cult classic and spawned four sequels!

The Irishman (2019)

We finish off the list with Netflix’s recent Oscar-nominated and acclaimed film, The Irishman; which also happens to be another Scorsese film! However, this time around, Robert De Niro, another Scorsese favorite, takes the lead. He plays Frank Sheeran, an Irish family man, who starts working for the Italian mafia in Philadelphia. Along the way, he earns their trust and begins working the levers heavily behind the scenes. It’s a long one, so be sure to take your time watching it. And beware: the fall of the Irishman is just as startling as his quick rise. Enjoy!

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