Who Will Claim The Throne: What To Watch After Game Of Thrones

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After Game of Thrones Shows

Well, that’s it! It feels like it left as quickly as it came: the final Game of Thrones episode aired on Sunday. Trust us, like you, we’re still getting over it. However, we can’t help but wonder: what comes after Game of Thrones? What show will steal viewers heart now, and claim the Iron Throne of television? Here are some great picks for television shows to get into after Game of Thrones, in case you have trouble picking!

American Gods 

If GoT taught us anything, it’s that it’s tough to mess up an excellent fantasy. Which makes Starz’s American Gods such a great show to visit after Game of Thrones. Also, just like GoT, this show is filled with drama and cliffhanger moments. Gods also features curious, eerie characters, with Ian McShane as a great lead. Of course, it’s not just about fantasy. American Gods is not only a beautiful show, but it makes us realize who the real “American Gods” are.

Peaky Blinders

Netflix definitely hit the jackpot with Peaky Blinders. For those not in the know, Peaky Blinders a British mafia show placed, set after World War I. If you miss the battle and war scenes from Game of Thrones, well, Peaky Blinders could fill this void. This show is absolutely loaded with violence, so it’s also probably not great for children. Peaky Blinders centers around a gang’s strive for power and recongition, through money and social status. It’s a truly bingeable show that will get you through the winter of post-GoT.


Of course, Peaky Blinders isn’t Netflix’s only after Game of Thrones offering. They really want those subscribers! If you miss Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa), you can catch him in Netflix’s Frontier. It is a historical TV drama, set in Canada in the 18th century. Much like GoT, it’s filled with breath-taking views, battle scenes, and deep politics. Momoa is the lead of Frontier, playing Declan Harp, an outlaw whose adventures never seem to end. What can we say; with Momoa’s looks, he can’t really play a regular office guy, can he?


Despite Game of Thrones ending, HBO clearly does not want to give up the Iron Throne of television. Of all their shows, we bet HBO is planning on WestWorld to continue the legacy of GoT. Currently, there are two seasons out, with a third coming in 2020. Critics and audiences alike have loved WestWorld for its intricate plot lines, amazing cast and characters, beautiful cinematography – all set in a surreal fantasy world. While you wait for the third season, check out the newest trailer, which premiered right after Game of Thrones‘ finale.


Yes, Deadwood ended. However, HBO, after significant fan pressure, decided to bring back Deadwood with a new movie, which will premiere at the end of May. This is a great time to catch up on the three seasons that aired in preparation for the film. It’s a western, but it definitely centers around politics, dynamics, and people in power, as it depicts a group of settlers who battle for control in South Dakota. It doesn’t star Jon Snow, but Ian McShane yet again leads the cast in the most excellent way.