Spiderman 3 Casting Rumors Abound

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Spiderman 3 Cast
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Yet another Spiderman 3 will debut in theaters next year. As casting rumors have started to emerge, it seems that many characters from past movies and various timelines will return for this film! Read on to discover what might become one the strangest, and greatest, superhero movies ever…

Spiderman 3 Casting Rumors

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In case you missed it, the 2018 animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, really changed things for Spiderman movies. In it, a Spiderman from one dimension finds out how to interact with Spidermans from other timelines and dimensions. Well, it appears that the live-action Marvel Universe plans to take a page from the animated movie for its next flick. In addition to Tom Holland returning as Peter Parker, rumor has it that both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire will come back as their respective versions of the superhero. And you guessed it, Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst will return as their versions of Mary Jane Watson. However, the surprises do not end there…

Recently, paparazzi spotted Alfred Molina at a costume fitting for Doc Ock! That’s right; the famed actor will return as the villain from the 2004 film Spider-Man 2. Previously, Molina has stated he adored the role and would love to return. “That was the most fun I think I’ve ever had on a movie of that kind,” he said in a recent interview. “Those big, big sort of features where you spend like six months hanging off a wire, you know. It was the first movie of that kind that I’d ever been involved in. I loved it. I’d go back and do it again in a heartbeat.”

A Whole New Crew…Kind Of

Spiderman 3 Cast
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Of course, while many characters from old Spiderman films return, so too will many fresh faces. Jame Foxx will return as villain Electro. While he’s the only confirmed villain, many speculate he will team up with Doc Ock and other villains, like in the comics. Meanwhile, Sony and Marvel have confirmed that the most recent Spiderman film’s supporting cast will return. This includes mega-stars like Zendaya, Jon Favreau, Martin Starr, and J.B. Smoove. Behind-the-scenes, Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal will come back as producers. Hopefully, this will ensure the new films retains the feeling of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while bringing back old fans.

Why make a film involving timelines that some will find confusing? Well, as stated, it worked very well for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which brought in $375.5 million against a $90 million budget. Likewise, Sam Raimi’s Spiderman films from the early 2000s remain some of the highest-earning superhero films of all time. Will it work? That remains to be seen. However, after 2020’s devastating effect on the film industry, it seems Sony and Marvel are willing to try anything in order to make a hit.

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