‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 – Critic Reviews And Fan Reactions

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Stranger Things Season 3

After a very, very long wait, Netflix finally released Stranger Things season 3 earlier this month. Of course, fans and critics quickly binged the entire show. Shortly after, reviews and reactions flooded Twitter – here’s what the internet had to say.

Stranger Things Season 3: It Took A While

Netflix pulled a Game of Thrones on us, airing the third season of Stranger Things a full two years after the previous season. Still, the company’s know for great marketing and the wait paid off: fans were eager to devour the new season. Stranger Things season 3 aired on July 4th, with the plotline leading up to Independence Day. It made you want to binge the entire eight episodes – Netflix’s most brilliant trick.

So, did viewers and critics like the newest Stranger Things season? Yes! They loved two things most of all. The first is obviously everything ’80s – the clothes, the haircuts, the soundtrack, the color palette, everything. The creators perfectly capture a bygone era. Past seasons were also set in the eighties, but the third season kicked it into overdrive. From brand-new StarCourt Mall to the 4th of July fair – season 3 was a giant tribute to the decade of big hair. Furthermore, fans of all ages loved it, even those not around in the ’80s!

Viewers also loved that they’ve watched these leading kids grow up! It’s challenging for actors and creators to create believable character arcs, especially when dealing with kids turning into young adults. However, Stranger Things handled the transition naturally. From Finn and Elle’s full-blown romantic relationship, Lucas and Max’s relationship, to Dustin’s long-distant girlfriend – we watch as the group struggles to grow up when all they really want to do is play D&D. But they must learn that things change – something we all can relate to.

Is It Enough To Hold The Entire Season?

Stranger Things Season 3

While ’80s vibes and engaging characters are great, they don’t take the place of a great story. Furthermore, the show’s title implies that something, well, stranger should happen. While it’s hard, growing up isn’t very supernatural. So, did the show live up to the horror and sci-fi of previous seasons? Fans and critics say…sort of. Yes, there were some fantastically gruesome parts – like Nancy and Jonathan’s terrifying zombie scene in the hospital as well as the final confrontation. However, it wasn’t as developed and monster-centered as previous seasons, and there were some odd plot holes. Most notably…why has no one moved out of Hawkins yet?!

Still, fans enjoyed the show overall. Randal Colburn wrote, “I’ve watched #StrangerThings twice now and I think people who already hate it will find even more to hate but I truly believe the show transcends its inelegant ’80s pop culture flirtations with top-notch character work and archetypal subversion. billy f****** owns.” Crystal Bell wrote, “I think I can finally tell you that #StrangerThings is the show’s best season yet. It’s not perfect (more on that later) but there are moments that are so good, so funny, so deeply heartfelt that it will leave you breathless. It’s also spectacularly gross and I loved it.”

Eric Goldman, the managing editor of Fandom and comic book writer, summed it up pretty well: “Some of the humor in #StrangerThings this season is very broad – too broad, especially early on. On the other hand, this felt like the goriest season yet, which, of course, I was very happy about. I had a couple “oh, I probably shouldn’t be eating right now” moments. Yay, gore!”

It looks as though Netflix has yet another hit on their hands with Stranger Things season 3!