Nicolas Cage Will Play ‘Tiger King’s’ Joe Exotic in New TV Show

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Nicolas Cage Tiger King
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Over the past month, Netflix’s Tiger King became the most popular television show in the world. The bizarre true-crime documentary captured everyone’s attention, to the point that everyone in Hollywood is now trying to replicate its success! As a result, a new scripted series based on Tiger King will air soon, with Nicolas Cage in the role of Joe Exotic! Read on to discover everything we know so far…

Surprising Facts

Nicolas Cage Joe Exotic

Unlike Netflix’s documentary, the new Tiger King scripted series, produced by Imagine Television Studios and CBS, will feature a lot more comedy. Most interestingly, the showrunners, Dan Lagana and Paul Young (the minds behind the hysterical American Vandal), were actually shopping the show around before Tiger King aired! While Tiger King mainly based its documentary around a podcast about Joe Exotic, Lagana and Young based theirs on an article titled “Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild,” by Leif Reigstad. Previously, Lagana and Young had a hard time getting their show off the ground. Now, however, everyone wants a Joe Exotic show!  So, CBS picked the new scripted series up last month.

Overall, the eight-episode first season will star Nicolas Cage in the primary role of Exotic. But, even with a famous face attached, many are wondering: will this simply be a fictional remake of Tiger King?

What Is It All About?

Nicolas Cage Tiger King

Of course, Tiger King covered the dramatic tale of Joe Exotic, Jeff Lowe, and Carole Baskin quite well. So, the CBS project will focus on Exotic’s personal life, instead of retelling the same story. According to showrunners, the new scripted series will focus on the infamous man’s views, beliefs, and personal struggles that turned him into the character that made him iconic.

Thankfully, the new show has quite the crew to keep things fresh and original. Not only will the aforementioned Dan Lagana and Paul Young run the show, but film and television giants like Brian Grazer (director of Apollo 13) and Natalie Berkus (The Mindy Show) will also join the show’s ranks. As you might imagine, this is not the only show based on the Tiger King saga currently in production. Universal is also hard at work, creating a new take that will include Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon as Baskin. McKinnon will also work as an executive producer on the show.

New Step

Nicolas Cage Joe Exotic

Many felt shocked to hear that Cage would step down to the television world. After all, he’s a major movie star! While Cage suffered serious bankruptcy some years ago, he has worked hard to star in hit after hit recently. From the already cult classic Mandy to his voice role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse that earned him an Oscar, he’s done it all! Most recently, he starred in the comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent for Lionsgate. Interestingly, Cage starred as a fictionalized version of himself in that one!

Need more Tiger King in your life? You might need to wait! The coronavirus has put most television shows on hold, indefinitely. However, the crime documentary that started it all remains on Netflix. Time for a rewatch!

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