Best TV Premieres Coming To Your Screen This April

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April TV Premieres

With film awards season in the review mirror, spring is just around the corner. And that means some great TV premieres, as well as returning shows, coming to your screen next month. From brand-new shows to returning favorites, there are tons of shows to watch. Here are some of the most anticipated TV premieres happening in April 2019!

Killing Eve – Season 2

Premiere date: April 7
Where to watch: BBC America

Killing Eve is definitely one of the most anticipated TV premieres of 2019. It became a hit on 2018, starring the incredible Sandra Oh, who also won an Emmy for her lead role in the show. Oh plays Eve, a brilliant and slightly bored MI5 spy who gets herself into sticky situations – and made millions of viewers fall in love with the character. We cannot wait to see where season 2 will pick up.

Veep – Season 7

Premiere date: March 31
Where to watch: HBO

Veep will premiere at the end of March, but as it’s just so good, we couldn’t leave it out of the list. Over the years, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (aka Seinfeld‘s Elaine) won multiple awards for her incredible part of Selena. She starts out as the Vice President of the US, and slowly makes her way up… and down… and up, and down, and you get it.

With Hollywood’s best scriptwriters and a fantastic cast – every episode of Veep will leave you rolling on the floor, laughing. We’re sad knowing it’s the final season – but sometimes, you’ve got to know when to end the great thing you have in your hands.

Our Planet – Season 1

Premiere date: April 5
Where to watch: Netflix

Seems like Netflix has been flooding us with new shows and movies this past year, so it’s easy to miss out on new premieres. However, be sure not to miss Our Planet! Narrated by the legendary David Attenborough, Netflix gave this wildlife documentary a huge budget. It will focus on showing the “beauty and fragility” of our world, as Attenborough said during the press tour. We could never have too much Attenborough, nor too much beautiful nature footage.

Twilight Zone – Season 1

Premiere date: April 1
Where to watch: CBS All Access

Out of all of the April TV premieres, this one is the most curious one. The original Twilight Zone aired in 1959 and became a cult series over the years. It’s bizarre, and incredible storytelling captivated many – so its no wonder that in the era of remakes, Twilight Zone wasn’t left untouched. This time around, Jordan Peele (Get Out) is producing and hosting it, which made fans across the globe wait in anticipation for the remake.

Game of Thrones – Season 8

Premiere date: April 14
Where to watch: HBO

The series finale is nearly here. But first, the premiere! The last, and undeniably biggest, of all of Game of Thrones‘ TV premieres will drop mid-April. The final battle scene took 55 days to shoot; the internet is flooded with interviews with the cast – who still managed to keep all the biggest details a secret.

Meanwhile, HBO has been dropping teasers and trailers left and right! Essentially, we can rename April “Game of Thrones month.” Brace yourselves, the end is coming!