The TV Shows That Are Suspended Due To Coronavirus

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TV Shows Halted Coronavirus
Netflix, ABC News

Over the past week, many industries have essentially shut down because of coronavirus. From the airline industry to restaurants, we are witnessing unpreceded levels of shutdowns. Over the past few weeks, the television industry has also taken a hit, just like everyone else. Many networks and streaming services have halted or postponed filming due to COVID-19, in order to keep employees safe.

Network TV Shows Halted Over Coronavirus

TV Shows Cancelled Coronavirus
ABC Television

Unfortunately, it seems that weekly morning, reality, and late-night shows will suffer the worst during the coronavirus. Almost all late-night TV show hosts have announced they will suspend filming. This includes HBO’s John Oliver, as well as Stephan Colbert Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon. However, Conan O’Brien has announced that he will continue his show from home! “I am going back on the air Monday, March 30th,” he tweeted. “All my staff will work from home, I will shoot at home using an iPhone, and my guests will Skype. This will not be pretty, but feel free to laugh at our attempt. Stay safe.”

Meanwhile, game and reality tv shows are doing the same. American Idol’s filming has been suspended, as well as, America’s Got Talent, Family Feud, American Idol, The Price Is Right, and many others. Of course, morning and talk shows in front of a live studio audience are also a no-go. “Given the current developing situation in New York City, we have made the decision to suspend live audiences from attending our news broadcasts and talk shows,” a spokesperson for Walt Disney Television said. This includes Good Morning America, Strahan, Sara and Keke, Live With Kelly and Ryan, and The View.

Other Networks And Streaming Platforms

TV Shows Postponed Coronavirus

Of course, it’s not just cable TV that has to suspend shows because of coronavirus. Streaming giant Netflix decided to do the same with all the current series they’re shooting in North America, as of March 13th. The Witcher season 2, Stranger Things season 4, Grace And Frankie season 7, and more are all shut down. Without a doubt, that means release dates will be pushed back. So, don’t expect to binge the next chapter of Stranger Things anytime soon!

Other streaming platforms also suspended or postponed their filming, like Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Meanwhile, Amazon decided to halt shooting on all of its shows: Lord of the Rings, Carnival Row, and Wheel of Time. All of Disney +’s new pilots have also suspended shooting: Adopted, The Big Leap, The Big Sky, The Brides, Harlem’s Kitchen, and more.

Keeping Everyone Safe

There are plenty of reasons to suspend production on these shows. Besides keeping its’ stars and employees safe, networks and streaming platforms also set a fantastic example for other companies and people. While the coronavirus pandemic’s death and patient toll continue to rise, there are a lot of people who are not taking the new restrictions seriously. Over the past few days, many have been spotted in bars, at the beach, and in parks, as if it’s a national holiday rather than a state of emergency.

It’s imperative to follow these orders to save the lives of not only ourselves, but of the people in the high-risk group: the elderly, people with autoimmune diseases, diabetes, smokers, and so on. Hopefully, those not taking this seriously will follow the examples set by these stars and stay inside!

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