Which Of Your Favorite TV Shows Are Ending This Season?

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TV Shows Ending 2019
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Each season, the powers-at-be decided to take some shows off the air. Unfortunately, this season, a myriad of fantastic TV shows, from Homeland to Suits, will end. It’s time to bid goodbye to some of our favorite shows…get your Kleenex out, this one won’t be easy!

Suits – Season 9

Premiere date: July 17, 2019 (USA Network)

While Suits has remained a good show, most fans agree its had difficulties since losing former actress and now Duchess Meghan Markle, who starred in the show for three seasons. So, now, the final season is currently airing on USA. Thankfully, this season will finally tackle a topic fans have wondered about for years: Markle’s character Rachel Zane’s absence from the show. The ninth season of Suits will also feature the return of actor Patrick J. Adams, aka Mike Ross, for a truly bittersweet ending.

Modern Family – Season 11

Premiere date: September 25, 2019 (ABC)

It’s hard saying goodbye to one of the most popular, award-winning, beloved sitcoms of all times. We followed this Modern Family for years, watching the kids grow up, right in front of our eyes. We cried laughing with the Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett Family (and also shed some real sad tears) along the way. But now, it’s time. Showrunners wanted to end the show in season 10, which ended, but the network insisted on another season. Some reckon Modern Family should’ve ended many seasons ago, as its charm wore off. But we’re not complaining: we can’t wait to see how creators would wrap up everyone’s stories; how they intertwine; and have a good last laugh with the Modern Family!

Homeland – Season 8

Premiere Date: February 9, 2020 (Showtime)

Showtime’s Homeland took viewers on quite the wild ride over its seven seasons! Many never believed the show would outlive the Abu Nazir arc, but it did; its rating was doing well, and the audiences stayed faithful. However, it’s time to say goodbye to Carrie, Saul, and the rest of the gang. Showtime originally planned to air the eighth, and final, season of Homeland this year, but the network pushed it back to 2020. Fans will need to wait patiently to find out how Carrie recovered from the Russian gulag, and what creators have in store next!

Ballers – Season 5

Premiere date: April 25, 2020 (HBO)

Usually, networks announce a final season via mainstream media platforms and a press release. However, in today’s age, Instagram works just as well to let fans show a TV show will end. In an Instagram video, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared that season 5 of HBO’s comedy Ballers will also be it’s last. It seems like the Rock just finds himself too busy with a film career these days! After all, in 2018, Forbes titled him the highest-paid actor in the entire world! So, it’s really no surprise that Ballers will now end. Still, the actor wrote a touching caption alongside his post: “My heart is full of gratitude to all of you for rockin’ with us every season.”

Hopefully, HBO can end Ballers than their other TV shows, like Game of ThronesSopranosThe Wire

Of course, while plenty of TV shows will end this year, many more will begin. Stay tuned for a piece on our most anticipated new TV shows, coming soon!