TV Shows That Were Based On America’s Favorite Podcasts

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Over the past couple of years, a new wave seems to have swept over Hollywood: adapting podcasts into TV shows. Of course, its no wonder really. We’re in the middle of a remake and adaptation craze, while podcasts just keep getting better and better. They’re incredibly well-written, voiced, and produce. Some of the best stories of the last decade – fictional or real – were told through podcasts. Here are some of the best TV shows that came from them…

The Case Against Adnan Syed (2019)

Streams on: HBO
Based on the podcast: Serial (2014)

Not many podcasts become household names. Serial is one of the few. It came out of nowhere – then, suddenly, it seemed like everyone tuned in for every new episode, gulping down the real-life story of Adnan Syed. However, unlike other TV shows on this list, HBO did not make a straight adaptation of the source material. Instead, the show picks up where the podcast left off. Amy Berg, an Oscar-nominated director, took charge of production, while famous rock-folk artist Nick Cave will provide the music. Its currently receiving great reviews, with audiences and critics saying it builds on the original podcast, without losing its spirit.

Lore (2017)

Streams on: Amazon
Based on the podcast: Lore (2015)

Amazon’s Lore is the first TV show adapted from a podcast. Unlike other shows on this list, the streaming and shipping giant decided to let the podcast’s creators have more control on the show. In fact, the creator of the podcast, Aaron Mahnke, is also the brains behind the show! Along with Mahnke, Amazon brought in executive producers from The Walking Dead and X-Files to fill out the spooky show’s team. The show, like the podcast, researched a different dark, mysterious, and compelling urban legends and paranormal tales from around the world. Both the shows are still going strong today!

Homecoming (2018)

Streams on: Amazon
Based on the podcast: Homecoming (2015)

Nearly a year ago, Homecoming became one of Amazon’s best performing TV shows. The show, which stars the iconic Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman who recently left her job at a covert military medical facility. Then, her time at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center quickly returns to haunt her. While the show quickly gained millions of fans, many did not know it started as a podcast! The Homecoming podcast began in 2015, one of the first successful fictional-crime podcasts. Soon enough, the show took off, and fans around the world were discussing the show’s fascinating storyline. So, its no wonder the Amazon content producers went after it!

Limetown (2019)

Streams on: Facebook Watch
Based on the podcast: Limetown (2015)

When Limetown first released, it took the nation by storm. It seemed like another fascinating true-crime podcast, this time about a town where hundreds disappeared. Well, its seems that podcast was a little too good, as its actually all fictional, including the titular location itself: Limetown. Now, a television adaption will premiere on Facebook next month. Actress Jessica Biel will play the lead character, a journalist, portrayed on the podcast by Annie-Sage Whitehurstof. Fun fact: Biel also believed the podcast was real, until she found out during filming!