5 Times TV Shows Predicted The Future With Pinpoint Accuracy

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TV Shows Predicted The Future
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As Oscar Wilde famously said, “life imitates art.” And, over the years, many TV shows have proved him right! The Simpsons, Parks and Recreation, and many more shows have predicted the future, sometimes decades in advance. Some foresaw upcoming technology, while others prophesied how other television shows would end. Here are the five most incredible times TV shows predicted the future…

Friends – Facebook

Friends Predicted The Future

Friends remains one of the most beloved shows of the ’90s. Decades later fans remember the hilarious punchlines, touching moments, and loveable characters. However, what fans might not know is the show also predicted the arrival of a website that would change our lives forever: Facebook.

While the social media website launched in 2004, this Friends episode aired in 2003! The episode, titled “The One With The Memorial Service,” has Ross on his laptop saying to Chandler, “Have you seen this? It’s our new alumni website for college. It’s cool! You can post messages for people, let everyone know what you’re up to…” While, yes, sites like MySpace existed at the point, Ross specifically talks about a social media website centered around college alumni – exactly like Facebook! Hilariously, Chandler replies, “Oh great, a faster way to tell people that I’m unemployed and childless.”

The Jetsons – Flat-Screen TVs

The Jetsons Predicted The Future
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Thinking of The Jetsons probably fills you with warm childhood memories and nostalgia. The show aired in the ’60s through the ’80s; however, even today, the show retains a strong viewership through reruns and DVD sales. For those who don’t know the cartoon, the Jetsons are a family in the future, one always using cool and innovative technology for the time.

By today’s standards, the Jetsons’ tech does not seem that astounding; however, imagine watching it back in the ’60s! Especially when the family started watching television on a flatscreen monitor that descends from the ceiling. At the time, TVs were chunky and heavy, so people could never imagine such small televisions. Still, five decades later, The Jetsons‘ view of the future seems fairly accurate!

Parks And Recreations – The Cubs’ World Series Win

Sure, everyone remembers Parks and Recreations as one of the greatest sitcoms of the modern era. However, most people forget that the show also predicted the Cubs’ historic World Series win a full season beforehand!

Recreations‘ final episode, filmed in 2015, takes place in the near future, wrapping everything up with a nice bow. In it, Tom and Andy (Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt) visit Chicago. As they walk around, they notice everyone’s great mood because the Cubs finally won the World Series. At the time, after a losing streak of over a century, the idea seemed as fictional as the show. So, when the Cubs won the title in 2016, after 108 years, even the writers could not believe it!

Star Trek – The Moon Landing

Star Trek The Moon Landing
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Star Trek first aired back in 1966, immediately becoming a cult hit. Its stories of space exploration captivated millions of hearts across the world, sparking our imagination for decades.

As a hard science-fiction show, its no surprise this show predicted the future. However, one time, Star Trek managed to predict an event perfectly. The episode “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” aired in 1967 and features the heroes jumping to 1969 (their past). There, they overhear a conversation about astronauts preparing to launch a spaceship to the moon from Cape Kennedy. Then, two years after the episode, NASA made it to the moon, just as Star Trek predicted. The moon landing is one of history’s most significant events, so predicting it in a TV show might be one of history’s biggest accomplishment, too…

The Simpsons – How Game of Thrones Will End

The Simpsons Game of Thrones
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D’oh! The Simpsons, one of the longest-running shows in American TV history, has predicted the future many times. They’ve predicted Disney buying 20th Century Fox, Trump’s election, the invention of autocorrect, and many, many more moments.

However, The Simpsons’ most accurate prediction didn’t deal with politics or technology. No, the show managed to spoil Game of Thrones for everyone, two years before it ended! A Simpsons GoT parody episode, “Serfsons,” debuted in 2017. In it, there’s an image of Homer, Bart, and Lisa, standing and watching Daneryes burning down the city, much like the fifth episode of the final season, where Dany burned King’s Landing to the ground. It seems no one saw this coming except for The Simpsons, making us think someone should raise these people’s salaries…