Unauthorized Celine Dion Biopic Releases Trailer

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Celine Dion Biopic

Celine Dion is one of the most iconic singers of all time. Soon enough, fans can watch a new biopic entitled Aline. Why the name change? Well, it seems that the film is also marred by legal issues…

“Inspired By Celine Dion

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Art inspires art, the saying should probably go. In recent years, plenty of talented filmmakers have created films about world-famous singers. Now, French director Valérie Lemercier will try and take on the story of Celine Dion. However, when the trailer debuted recently, fans realized that the name of the main character, also played by Lemercier, was named Aline Dieu. Hence the film’s title, Aline. The reason for the name change? Well, it seems Lemercier could not manage to obtain the rights to Dion’s name.

Still, the team did manage to obtain the rights to Dion’s song catalog, so at least her iconic tunes will make up the soundtrack of the film. As you can imagine, the film will tell the story of a French-Canadian singer who becomes a worldwide star, while also battling feelings for her much-older, three-times divorced manager. While it’s not about precise accuracy, it’s very close to Dion’s real romantic path with her late manager René Angélil, who was 26 years older than Dion.

While some fans felt excited by the recent trailer release, others felt more than a bit let down…

Public Reactions

Celine Dion Biopic

Without a doubt, it seems that most Dion fans are excited about Aline, which received decent reviews at its Cannes debut last year. “I hope this film makes justice of what an outstanding performer, heavenly singer and amazing person Celine is. She deserves to go down in history as a TOTAL DIVA,” one fan wrote on the trailer, just hours after it debuted last week. Meanwhile, others are so excited about the film that they can’t wait for an international release! “Wish it also get a release on Netflix/Prime after its theatrical release, as there is huge fandoms of celine in countries like India, Indonesia, Philippines, (some cities of china/Middle east too). Canada, France and USA is her biggest for her,” another commenter wrote.

Sadly, others are not as excited: “This is just awkward,” someone wrote, summing up the opinions of many Dion fans. Many also remarked that the name change almost made the entire thing feel like a Saturday Night Live sketch or something out of the sitcom 30 Rock. In case you didn’t know, this is far from the first time filmmakers have faced the same problem: David Bowie biopic Stardust could use the late star’s real name – but couldn’t afford his music! Meanwhile, Madonna has rebuked the upcoming biopic of her life, Blonde Ambition.

Will Aline fall into the same traps as these other biopics? Only time will tell! But you can be sure most Celine Dion fans will be lining up on opening day…

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